Globetrotter: SwanTribune

May 02, 2018

SwanTribune, the brainchild of Daniel Aron Cohen and Divya Aurora Zeiss, was born out of a love for collecting bygone travel memorabilia, particularly hotel souvenirs like luggage labels. “The labels took us around the world to markets and other collectors, as well as to the lobbies of the hotels themselves. These journeys and discoveries we turned into a guide under SwanTribune,” says Divya Zeiss. Shop Latitude chats with Zeiss to learn more...

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Style Crush: Sara Beltran

April 15, 2018

A charm crafted out of aquamarine to mimic the waves of the ocean, rose quartz carved to look like a seashell, and a shark fin-shaped tiger eye are just some of the pieces you’ll find in Sara Beltran’s ocean-inspired fine jewelry line Dezso by Sara Beltran. Expanded to become a lifestyle brand, Dezso (which means ‘desire’ in Latin) now also offers cotton pouches printed with images of palm trees and...

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Insider's Guide: Saint-Tropez

April 01, 2018

Think Saint-Tropez and images of pristine sands, glamorous women and jet-setting billionaires come to mind. And this little town on the French Riviera more than lives it up to its reputation. If your idea of an idyllic summer getaway involves siestas by the sea, long, leisurely walks and impossibly chic French boutiques and cafes, then Saint-Tropez is the place to be. (image courtesy of Design Hotels) SHOP Atelier Rondini The...

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Designer Crush: Marie-Anne Oudejans

November 20, 2017

It’s fair to say that Dutch designer Marie-Anne Oudejans is exhilarated by travel. What else can you conclude about someone who has lived in half a dozen countries over the course of her life? Her love for adventure brought her to Jaipur seven years ago, and as much as she has imbibed from it—its energy, creativity and vibrancy—she has given back. Oudejans is the mastermind behind the regal beauty of...

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Globetrotter Style: Annette & Phoebe Stephens

October 01, 2017

Growing up in Mexico City with a family of artists, sisters Phoebe and Annette Stephens were raised with an appreciation for unique beauty drawn from a multitude of inspirations. The design duo of Anndra Neen make it their priority each season to combine influences from their American education, travels to Europe and Asia, and Mexican heritage. With such a global perspective, the young design team is certainly one to turn...

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Off-the-Radar Beach Retreats

November 30, 2016

By: Melissa Biggs Bradley, Courtesy of Indagare In my years of traveling, I have seen a lot of beaches, yet my love for them has not waned. Beaches evoke escape and serenity and romance and childhood’s happiest moments—so many things of beauty but they can also disappoint with crowds or over-development. I have been lucky enough to sample beaches on six continents, and as everyone does, I have my favorites...

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Globetrotter: Jacqueline Lopez

August 11, 2016

We are crazy about Jacqueline Lopez’s macrame collection for her Jaline brand. Each one of these savvy designs was woven from natural fibers by artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico. Jacqui has been spending a lot of time in this magical city working on the collection, so we asked her to share her favorite spots for kicking back after work. Read on to know where to go in this picture-perfect town and...

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Globetrotter Guide: 7 Top Shopping Spots

July 31, 2016

We asked 7 of our favorite globetrotters to reveal their secret shopping spots around the world. From San Telmo’s charming streets to posh Parisian boutiques, these are the best places to shop until you drop! Istanbul, Turkey by: Hazal Yilmaz, Blogger, When travel blogger Hazal Yilmaz talks, we listen. When she told us about Naftalin Vintage in the historic neighborhood of Fener, we were thrilled. Naftalin is the eclectic...

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Globetrotter: Photographer Anne Menke

July 10, 2016

  We have been obsessed with the authentic quality of photographer Anne Menke’s images for as long as we can remember. This German born artist can accurately be described as living a “Gypset" lifestyle, splitting her time between a home in Sayulita, Mexico and a studio in NYC. Anne is often traveling the world on assignment for the numerous fashion magazines and lifestyle clients, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph...

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Gypset Travel: Rhodes to Bodrum

June 21, 2016

All the ladies in their whites courtesy of Elah. Stephanie, Goli, Bonnie and I. Bonnie is a fashion designer who used to be Donna Karan's right hand woman and now has her own line and authored the book Colors of Vanishing Tribes. She traveled the world documenting vanishing tribes and their textiles - everything from cannibals in Borneo to madmen in Papau New Guinea to Inuits in the North Pole....

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