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March 24, 2017

Rumisu is a joint project of two sisters, Deniz and Pinar Yegin, to welcome everyone into their whimsical world. Their ultimate goal? To let love and curiosity for beauty be a conduit for philanthropy. Oh and of course to create a line of ethically manufactured design accessories that give back to their community of origin, in Turkey, which they do perfectly! Each scarf they create has its own story, characters,...

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Globetrotter Guide: 7 Top Shopping Spots

July 31, 2016

We asked 7 of our favorite globetrotters to reveal their secret shopping spots around the world. From San Telmo’s charming streets to posh Parisian boutiques, these are the best places to shop until you drop! Istanbul, Turkey by: Hazal Yilmaz, Blogger, When travel blogger Hazal Yilmaz talks, we listen. When she told us about Naftalin Vintage in the historic neighborhood of Fener, we were thrilled. Naftalin is the eclectic...

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Gypset Travel: Rhodes to Bodrum

June 21, 2016

All the ladies in their whites courtesy of Elah. Stephanie, Goli, Bonnie and I. Bonnie is a fashion designer who used to be Donna Karan's right hand woman and now has her own line and authored the book Colors of Vanishing Tribes. She traveled the world documenting vanishing tribes and their textiles - everything from cannibals in Borneo to madmen in Papau New Guinea to Inuits in the North Pole....

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5 Best Hidden Beaches in Europe

May 24, 2016

Privacy, tranquillity and simplicity characterize these European seaside destinations. You can stay clear of the crowds, the trinket shops and the nightclubbers, but still enjoy local life and culture. To be at the beach is to revel in simplicity: there is sand, sun, and water; anything else is extraneous. The coasts of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic are fringed with an almost overwhelming array of beaches – from tiny coves...

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Behind the Label: Anteeka

December 11, 2015

We are obsessed with the Anteeka Collection’s worldly vintage jewels and with our new friend Nada the collector and curator of this priceless collection. Nada grew up following her mother around the souk and luckily for us, caught the jewelry bug early on, by the time she was an adult woman, Nada had amassed a collection so large- she decided is was time to start selling some of it off....

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City Secrets | Ipek Irgit's Cesme

August 14, 2013

Ipek Irgit, the stylish Turkish designer and international "it" girl behind the Kiini Bikini is a "self proclaimed beach junkie". She grew up vacationing in ?e?me, the stunning coastal town at the western most edge of Turkey. The cobblestone streets, eclectic cuisine, breathtaking views, and party vibe are all reasons Ipek returns season after season. We recently caught up with Ipek and asked her to share her favorite go-to spots...

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