Globetrotter: Photographer Anne Menke


We have been obsessed with the authentic quality of photographer Anne Menke’s images for as long as we can remember. This German born artist can accurately be described as living a “Gypset" lifestyle, splitting her time between a home in Sayulita, Mexico and a studio in NYC. Anne is often traveling the world on assignment for the numerous fashion magazines and lifestyle clients, such as Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren that she shoots for. We were thrilled when she agreed to share her globetrotting life and images with us at Shop Latitude. So go ahead read on, we are sure you will also be captivated by Anne’s freewheeling lifestyle and images.

How would you describe your personal style? Who, what or where is the inspiration behind your style?

My style is from traveling the world and living mostly by the beach and being a surfer, I will wear more black in New York, hahahaha and colors in Mexico … I have stuff from all of my travels. 

What city or place do you have an endless love affair with?

The place I live, Sayulita Mexico. When I am here I am just happy. I love the people, and there is something magic here, the ocean, the waves, the mountains, it is incredible! The other places I have endless love for are Polynesia, Tahiti, Samoa, Easter Islands, and anywhere in Polynesia.


Can you share your top three favorite spots for eating, drinking, and shopping in your home town?

  1. Mexico : Sayulita - 1. Cafe Sayulita , a small amazingMexican restaurant in town, the owner Miguel is wonderful in 10 years the restaurant has never changed, it is simply amazing!
  2. Purillo Fish Taco , the best fish taco on the planet , Vanessa makes them by hand and they are amazing !!!!you will never get tired of them
  3. Revolucion del Sueno in Sayulita is simply the coolest store , with fun fabrics and pom poms and all kinds of funky colorful stuff.


What is your most desired passport stamp? Galapagos is on my bucket list.

Best trip so far? 

Family trips are best on a sailboat. We went 2 years ago to Baia and sailed for an entire month, and that was just such a great experience being with just the family and the ocean!!! We also loved going to Sweden, I have family there. For shooting, I fell in love with Mongolia - incredible experience, people landscape, traditions. 

Favorite form of transport? Surfboard. I am kidding! I guess airplane. 

Always in your suitcase? Music box… love having music around. 

Favorite hotel that you wouldn't mind staying in forever? Taa’ha island resort in Taaha Tahiti.

Most beloved souvenir?a Moi statue from Easter Island that is life size and in my bedroom 

Favorite shop, market or souk? Marrakech souk is my favorite place on earth.

Ultimate escape fantasy? To sail for a year around the Polynesian waters.


Globetrotter Stats

Souk or Department Store? Souk

DIY or Concierge Service? DIY

Buy Everything or Buy Nothing?  Everything!

Camping or 5-Star Hotel? 5-star hotel, hard to say, I am both!

Room service or Street Food? Street food 

Lots of Luggage or Carry-on Bag? Carry on…but after I have shopped for everything, I need lots of luggage! We start small and end with lots of bags!

All images courtesy of Anne Menke.


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