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Gypset Travel: Rhodes to Bodrum

June 21, 2016

All the ladies in their whites courtesy of Elah. Stephanie, Goli, Bonnie and I. Bonnie is a fashion designer who used to be Donna Karan's right hand woman and now has her own line and authored the book Colors of Vanishing Tribes. She traveled the world documenting vanishing tribes and their textiles - everything from cannibals in Borneo to madmen in Papau New Guinea to Inuits in the North Pole....

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Behind the Label: Ethnique

March 11, 2016

We love the wonderful textiles and exotic trims on every Ethnique bag. Every time we carry one of these precious gems we are reminded of a past journey to India, Mexico, or Manila. Check out the story behind this magical label. Describe your brand: Ethnique is an accessories brand based in the Philippines. It stems from the love of travel, and reflects the high-low sophistication of the bohemian lifestyle. With our pieces, we...

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Gypset Travel: Marfa, Texas

March 03, 2016

Marfa has taken over as the new destination muse for art-inspired fashion designers. Prada keeps its conceptual road side boutique there and Proenza Schouler pit stop in from NYC for visual refreshing. Emerging designer Emily Jerome recently came through to shoot her look book amongst the sparse desert terrain that captivated artist Donald Judd so much so that in the 1970’s he bought up much of an abandoned army base there and...

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Our Guide to a Gypset Lifestyle

March 02, 2016

According to Gypset author and inventor Julia Chaplin, “Gypset is about an emerging group of artists, musicians, fashion designers, surfers, and bon vivants– who lead semi-nomadic, unconventional lives. They are people who have perfected a high-low approach to life that fuses the freelance and nomadic wile of a gypsy with the sophistication and global references of the jet set. Its an alternative way of traveling and living that’s based more...

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