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Shopping Guide: Jaipur

May 31, 2018

Known as the Pink City for its distinct pink sandstone buildings, Jaipur is a place unlike any other, bursting with history, tradition and culture. Home to Indian royal families for centuries, the capital of Rajasthan is famed for its incredible architecture, ancient forts and palaces, rich handicraft traditions and more. Spend your time in the exhilarating city exploring ancient monuments, visiting local design stores and learning about its unique cultural history.  ...

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Globetrotter: SwanTribune

May 02, 2018

SwanTribune, the brainchild of Daniel Aron Cohen and Divya Aurora Zeiss, was born out of a love for collecting bygone travel memorabilia, particularly hotel souvenirs like luggage labels. “The labels took us around the world to markets and other collectors, as well as to the lobbies of the hotels themselves. These journeys and discoveries we turned into a guide under SwanTribune,” says Divya Zeiss. Shop Latitude chats with Zeiss to learn more...

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Designer Crush: Marie-Anne Oudejans

November 20, 2017

It’s fair to say that Dutch designer Marie-Anne Oudejans is exhilarated by travel. What else can you conclude about someone who has lived in half a dozen countries over the course of her life? Her love for adventure brought her to Jaipur seven years ago, and as much as she has imbibed from it—its energy, creativity and vibrancy—she has given back. Oudejans is the mastermind behind the regal beauty of...

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Bar Palladio Jaipur

July 13, 2017

In just a few short years, Bar Palladio in Jaipur has achieved the kind of status that makes it one of those iconic spots you’re told you can’t leave the Pink City without seeing for yourself. Conceived by Italian Barbara Miolini, the bar/restaurant is a world unto itself, full of charming block prints, tented canopies and expert lighting. Her latest project, Caffe Palladio, is just a five-minute walk away. Restful,...

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