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She's a full-time photographer and part-time wanderer, with a penchant for portraiture. Here, hot, young Mumbai-based photographer Prarthna Singh tells us where she gets her tan and where she scours for vintage.

She's a full-time photographer and part-time wanderer, with a penchant for portraiture. Here, hot, young Mumbai-based photographer Prarthna Singh tells us where she gets her tan and where she scours for vintage.



L-Atitude: What part of growing up instilled in you a love for travel?  

Prarthna Singh: The fact that my father is a diplomat and I got to spend time in a bunch of different countries was definitely a big reason for my love for travel. In my teenage years, I got to explore amazing cities like Paris and travel through Europe. 


L-Atitude: Your portraiture work explores faces from across the world, what captures your attention while travelling, as an interesting face to shoot?

PS: More than the faces, I think I?m drawn to a space and the moment in which I find the person. My images are less about the face and more about the environment I photograph my subjects in.


Photo by Prathna Singh


L-Atitude: How much does a subject?s individual style decide a picture for you? What are you looking for? And how much of your own style do you infuse into it?

PS: Sometimes it?s nice to capture the person as is, especially if you are doing a quick street shot. When I have my way of course, I can go crazy reshuffling furniture, lamps and curtains in people?s homes (and getting them to change a million outfits), before I start shooting!


L-Atitude: You went to school at Mayo Girls in Jaipur, Rajasthan and then university at RISD, in Rhode Island. How did the two experiences fundamentally shape your outlook to the world?

PS: Boarding school was a great experience. But going to RISD changed my life. Being surrounded by such talented and driven people during your college years really pushes you to do something. Our professors were very inspiring and the whole atmosphere conducive to immersing yourself in creating work that is an extension of you, while at the same time learning to appreciate and critique other people?s work.


Photo by Prarthna Singh


L-A:  What have been your favourite international destinations and why?   

PS: New York: The city has an endless electric buzz to it and the energy of the people is fantastic. It really makes you feel alive. Absolutely love it!

Paris: For it?s stunning architecture and old world charm. Not to forget their divine deserts and vintage stores.

Marrakech: The tagines, mint tea, riads lamps and Souks.


L-A: Describe your travel personality. Are you a suitcase addict or more of a backpack kinda girl?

PS: (laughs) I?m somewhere between a backpacker and a suitcase addict. My best kind of holiday is a mix of complete relaxation, sitting around in caf?s, people watching and sightseeing. But I?m not a big fan of standing in long lines to get into places I would much rather get a feel of the city by walking through it?s by-lanes and exploring the street and vintage markets.



L-A: Name your travel essentials, outside of the obvious; cell phone, camera and sunblock.

PS: Accessories: you never know when you need to dress up your sundress, a bathing suit and hat and a film camera. The joy of getting back home and getting your holiday pictures developed is something else.


L-A: Describe your personal style. How do you manage to roll out of your tent/hotel room/shack with a new, fresh look every day?

PS: Mix and match. Being able to borrow from my boyfriend?s closet definitely helps. Love wearing his shirts and jackets with a belt or over a pair of my tights.



L-A: What kinds of stores do you go looking for when you travel? Name some of your favourite bazaars.

PS: I?m never really looking, but yes I love discovering tiny shops and thrift stores-they are full of beautiful treasures. The Saturday night bazaar in Arpora, Goa, the weekend bazaar in Angel and Brick Lane, London and American Retro in Soho are all pretty awesome!


L-A: What are some of your top finds while scouring flea markets and vintage shops?   

PS: Sunglasses! I?ve found some of the coolest pairs at flea markets.   



L-A: Name a place next on your list, and one place you would kill to visit?

PS: Israel and Mexico for now. Of course I?d love, love to go to Iceland; I hear the women are gorgeous and have super style! And I must see the aurora borealis.


L-A: What?s a favourite place in India you would go to till the day you die?

PS: Goa


L-A: What?s your ideal travel companion?

PS: The perfect playlist.


L-A: What are your top three picks from L-atitude?

PS: The Kashmir Loom pashmina scarves, The LemLem tunics and the Thakoon Addition jackets.



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