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Bombay Canteens

October 09, 2014

With the momentous fine food holiday of Thanksgiving tomorrow, we are reminding how transporting taste can be. We took a moment to travel to India by way of Bombay's canteens and sample the vibrant cuisine of this incredible destination. Happy Thanksgiving from the Shop Latitude Team! Despite being India?s fashion capital, Mumbai?s ?fine dining? culture leaves something to be desired. With only a few exceptions (The Table and Ellipsis come...

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Behind the Label | Love Travel Guides

September 18, 2014

"Falling in love with a city is just as exciting as falling in love with a person," says the founder of Love Travel Guides, Fiona Caulfield. In 2007, she fulfilled her dream of creating a new life in India and writing a series of travel books filled with authentic travel experiences and recommendations. Each Love Travel Guide is completely hand made in India, celebrating the countries heritage and rich legacy...

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Behind the Label | Eina Ahluwalia

August 27, 2014

Designer and artist Eina Ahluwalia created her innovative conceptual jewelry collection as a means of self expression and not just ornamentation. This maybe a heady message for a luxe jewelry collection, but this Calcutta, India based jeweler manages to meld her strong political beliefs with a cool sense of contemporary glamour. Take for example her ?Wedding Vows? collection of jewelry, these pieces may take a strong stand against domestic violence...

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Behind the Label | Lady Kismet

August 27, 2014

Lady Kismet is our go-to collection for every day baubles?designer Shana Gulati dreams up contemporary jewels with just the right amount of sparkle and casual sophistication. We love to wear Lady Kismet?s rose gold bangles and petite diamond pendent necklaces with everyday boyfriend jeans and a tee. This is a modern east-meets-west esthetic, entirely hand crafted by artisans in Jaipur, India. Luckily, Shana also has us covered when we feel...

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Behind the Label | Isharya

August 26, 2014

Welcome to the world of Isharya: The Indian-inspired jewelry collection with a dose of California cool. We are talking about a glam accessories collection favored by Hollywood and Bollywood. Splitting their time between Northern California and India, designers and sisters-in-laws Gauri and Radhika Tandon have created a luxe costume jewelry collection steeped in old-world Indian glamour and contemporary trends. Isharya's provocative gold-plated jewels combine bold colors with striking geometric angles...

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Behind the Label | No-Mad 97% India

July 25, 2014

Val?rie Barkowski is the Belgian-born, Bombay-based creative force behind one of India?s hottest design brands, No-Mad 97% India. This eclectic collection (inspired by 97% India --Val?rie and her multicultural inspiration is the 3% non-Indian component) uses age-old craft techniques to produce a modern and oh-so-worldly take on simple homewares. These bold cushion covers, candles, chair covers and incense holders are timeless creations crafted in a single color series each season....

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24 Hours in Mumbai

July 16, 2014

A caveat: it?s madness to spend just 24 hours in Mumbai. India?s largest city is much too dense, loud and confounding (not to mention humid) to explore thoroughly in so little time. But if you give up on the foolhardy idea of ?getting to know? Mumbai, then there?s plenty of fun to be had even on a short stopover. For a first time visitor, particularly one aiming to shop, the...

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Monsoon Escapes

June 07, 2014

Living in one of India?s major metros, where monsoon rains bring flooded streets and nine months of accumulated filth and debris floating to the surface, it?s easy to forget that the rainy season is actually among the most beautiful times to travel in India. Here are three great destinations to escape the deluge. Living in one of India?s major metros, where monsoon rains bring flooded streets and nine months of...

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Our Favorite Ways To Drape A Sari

April 01, 2014

Our friends at Mumbai Boss provided us with a clever round up from Lakme Fashion Week. The ?modern? sari combines many western design attributes including ruffles, fringe, bold prints, and even long sleeves. Designer Payal Khandwala chicly combined a sari with a classic white blouse, mimicking Julia Roberts' style at the Golden Globes. Check out our favorite modern takes on India?s most traditional form of dress. Our friends at Mumbai...

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Behind the Label | Maha Mala

December 17, 2013

Yogis, world travelers, and Maha Mala creators Nora Wendel and Piya Jain have transformed traditional Mala jewelry into chic "dual purpose?necklaces. This New Delhi duo started out with the idea to create sacred healing objects -- what they ended up making were contemporary treasures that are equally stylish and spiritual. We caught up with these busy globetrotters and asked them to share the story behind their label and their favorite...

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