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Maryam Montague's Tips for Moroccan-Style Entertaining

Blogger Maryam Montague of My Marrakesh shares her easy tips for throwing a fabulous fête, Moroccan-style.

How to Make a Panama Hat

The process of making an authentic Toquilla Straw Hat, also known as the Panama Hat, is a long and meticulous process. This exacting artisan craft has been passed from generation to generation, originating in the city of Montecristi in the Manabi province of Ecuador – one of the only places to find the flexible straw fiber that is essential to the weaving process. Read on to learn the steps involved in the crafting of this ageless classic.

Just Don't Call It Panama

There are many types of Panama hats, but they all have one thing in common: they’re made in Ecuador. According to legend, it was the Americans who coined the phrase “Panama” after the press ran photographs of Theodore Roosevelt inspecting the Panama Canal wearing a straw hat he had borrowed from the Ecuadorian president. In spite of this big misnomer, the name stuck and in 2012 this humble handmade topper was designated a UNESCO symbol of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Today the Panama hat lives on as both a symbol of enduring artisan craft and style, check out our favorite ways to wears this classic.

Boho's New Cool

Regardless of whether you’ve been on the festival circuit this summer or you just want to look like you have, here are five simple ways to turn up the volume on your personal style.

Gorgeous Gifts For The Home

Luxe interpretations of artisan-made products are Shop Latitude's stock in trade. The online marketplace, a longtime Lonny favorite, incites a raging case of wanderlust in even the most casual browser. Recently, the brand launched a new collection of covetable home decor gifts whose beauty and value are deepened by an awareness of the communities around the world that create them. We've picked three brands to spotlight here; look for more behind-the-scenes stories on Shop Latitude's blog.