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Victoria Bader lives the dream. Traveling the globe as a modern ballet dancer. While spilling the secrets of her dancer's world, she turns us on to perfect posture, hard, lean abs, firm buttocks, a defined waist, sculpted legs, toned thighs, slim, strong arms, and flexibility you never imagined. Read on...

Victoria Bader lives the dream.  Travelling the globe as a modern ballet dancer, she has performed, studied, rehearsed, and dwelled worldwide.  Born and raised in Sydney Australia to a Maltese father and an Aussie mother, she started dancing as a young girl.  Her first professional performance was at 14 years of age, appearing in Television commercials dancing for Kodak Video Products. At 15, Victoria joined the Sydney Youth Dance Company.  With a lifetime of rich experience, and a free spirit to match, Victoria shares highlights of her travel escapades and teaches us expert fitness techniques.  If your 2012 resolution is to achieve the trademark shape of a dancer's body, Victoria can help.   While spilling the secrets of her dancer's world, she turns us on to perfect posture, hard, lean abs, firm buttocks, a defined waist, sculpted legs, toned thighs, slim, strong arms, and flexibility you never imagined.  Read on....


What is it like growing up in the disciplined world of dance?

Art is a very demanding lover! The commitment and discipline spanned to every area of Life and the rewards are endless.   The focus that I have learned through the development of my career as a dancer serves me in every situation, both in and out of the arts.



Where is the most exotic location you have ever lived while performing?

The Maldives Islands perched in the Indian Ocean south of Sri Lanka. The whole place is another zone, almost lost in time.  It?s crystal clear, ice blue waters and fine, white sand is perfectly minimal and 100% scenic esctasy.  I lived there for 4 months as I?d heard the diving was some of the best in the world and I am an avid scuba diver. 



I choreographed and performed many shows under a night sky filled with abundantly twinkling stars. The Maldives Far South Atolls lie directly on the Equator so the weather is always stunning, clear perfect diving conditions and hundreds and hundreds of fish, sea life black coral, 20 foot long Morea eels and coral like I have never seen.  I have been back four times.



How did you cope with all the pressure to stay on top?

As a Dancer you have only one choice and that is to keep going! You learn that very early on, as the weeding out process for young dancers is stringent. The commitment and single mindedness required as a dancer make it impossible to stay in the art if you are not orientated that way. As young as age12, you must have the mindset! My key to remaining calm amidst the pressure was always remembering that my work is unique.  Developing original work is how dancers carve out their path to stay in the game.



How did you stand out in such a competitive field and retain longevity?

Being around great teachers and collaborating with fascinating artists is essential to longevity as a dancer.  A thirst for challenge and expertise fueled my process, and I always put myself in rigorous environments where that exists.   Later, I developed my Modern Body Workout.  The technique I devised has taken me to the next level in my quest for physical perfection, while inspiring and redefining hundreds of woman?s physiques all over the world.   While working to stay in shape and refine a musculature disposition appropriate for a dancer, I saw that anyone could aspire to today?s physical ideal--the dancer?s body. My technique sensitive workout reduces excess body fat while producing long, flexible muscles.  Ballet dancers do it naturally just to stay on point so to speak!


What are your fondest memories of your life travelling as a dancer?

Dancing on the stage in the Sydney Opera House was a memory I shall never forget.  Also performing in South of France was very special? an outdoor festival in the middle of the wine region? surrounded by ancient buildings, churches and plazas and endless vineyards in the distance.  Ubud Bali was another awesome performance, as once again I was surrounded by fields of rice paddies, vibrant green, and all-encompassing. The air smelled like newly grown grass that had just been rained on.  The perfume and spiritual energy ever present in the mountains of Ubud, Bali is unique to that region.



Travelling up the Mekon River in Cambodia surrounded by limestone cliffs reaching high into the sky in a tiny little boat that was only 2 inches above the river, all the while enduring torrential rain, and arriving at a huge opening of caves housing 1000 year-old Buddha?s and sacred artifacts followed by a performance in a very small local village. Some of the local people had never anything like this before and were completely spell bound. They cooked for us and when I requested chicken and rice, the woman who owned the caf? went into her back yard, selected a live hen, killed it right there, and prepared it with us watching!! What an experience that was.  {We were in red zone malaria country and were warned that there was guerilla warfare all around and that both malaria and the gangs were to be strictly avoided! Luckily, I had no trouble, though the Malaria pills were brutal and nearly destroyed my system. I strongly recommend taking the short term Malaria preventative medicine as opposed to the long term.}




What has performing on stage taught you that you apply to everyday reality?

That the mind can only think of one thing at a time. To focus on where your feet are is the key to real concentration. This allows one to be in the moment and produce a body-mind connection, a very important component of Modern Body Workout. The body and mind are in very tight sync. The BodyBrain ? a favorite phrase of mine, is very powerful. When you know how to use this, much can be accomplished and is one of the first things I teach my young ballet students. Their youth allows them to understand quickly and the benefits are obvious?to them and me.


Travelling constantly as a dancer must have been demanding on your wardrobe.  How did you get by while always on the go?

I travel very light?and plan on buying special pieces while I am there. I always pack a good pair of boots, one pair of heels and something for walking--essential.  A good wide brimmed hat, of course my favorite jeans, a couple of tank tops that can be day or night, a light cardigan and a bikini. I wear a lightweight coat on the plane for extra warmth and use if it gets cool where I am travelling.


Who would you say has the best vintage globally?

Vienna is an amazing place to shop, especially between Christmas and New Year. They have 70%-off sales, and the fashions are sensational, as are the markets. Many special vintage pieces, clothing, furniture, and treasure, I have found in Vienna.



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Can you give us tips on how to achieve a dancer's body, where to start, what to eat, how to think?

Do Modern Body Workout for 3 months 3 times a week and you will see a change. Your body responds to this technique in 10 sessions, providing they are done close together.  Muscles respond fast if they are constantly reminded of what you want them to do. Eating healthy and effectively never hurts! Limit sugar and alcohol, and get enough rest (at least 8 hours a night) and you are on your way. My one all-time favorite stretch is as follows: lie on your back, bring the soles of your feet together so that the knees fall out to the side. Relax into the floor and allow the lower back to be flat engaging the groin. Bring the arms over your head onto the floor behind you so that the arms are parallel to each other and fully stretched. Stay there for as long as possible. This opens the hips, groin, chest, shoulders, and clears the mind!



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