Behind the Label: Anteeka

We are obsessed with the Anteeka Collection’s worldly vintage jewels and with our new friend Nada the collector and curator of this priceless collection. Nada grew up following her mother around the souk and luckily for us, caught the jewelry bug early on, by the time she was an adult woman, Nada had amassed a collection so large- she decided is was time to start selling some of it off. Read more about the story behind this  unique collection and then remember to shop with some urgency, because each piece is a one -of -a- kind original!

Describe your brand?

Anteeka is all about bringing authentic tribal and ethnic pieces back to life to be loved again and worn again. I like to find unique pieces that will speak to a particular woman, one who is bold and confident. 

For me vintage and antique tribal jewelry pieces are exquisite in their balance and use of color.  I love to research their origin and their wearers and their now forgotten symbols. They were made with such care, often with very primitive tools. I like to think of Anteeka as contributing to a rescue mission: saving beautiful discarded pieces of jewelry from the dusty shelf and letting them shine again with meaning and a new sense of purpose.  My clients vary but most are professional women, travelers who may be collectors of jewelry or are just fond of strong statement pieces.

How, when, and where did you start your brand?

It started with my own love for the bold beautiful Bedouin tribal pieces. The jewelry bug bit me when I was quite young. As a child, I enthusiastically trailed my mother around the souks in search of unique items of jewelry. As I grew older, I expanded into collecting vintage and antique tribal jewelry from other parts of the world. My collection became too big and I decided to sell some of it. Over five years ago, I started a little brick and mortar shop here in Nazareth, but then decided to go global with an online shop. I scour souks, flea markets and antique shops. I go to estate sales and auctions and love to find unique pieces and research their origins and how they were worn. I spend a great deal of time on research. I have online resources as well as books and most importantly, knowledgeable experts whose brains I pick when I reach a dead end in my research.

What (or who?) are some of your endless inspirations?

Frida Kahlo who was passionate about jewelry and created her own style with jewelry not only from Mexico but from far away Algeria. Linda Pastorino, Collector, dealer, researcher, and a woman of tremendous style and eye for fashion and beauty. Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders in Absolutely Fabulous! Iznik pottery. The colors of Morocco and Andalusia.

How does travel inspire your collection?

Travel is essential for my collection. It was what started my love story with jewelry and whenever I travel, whether it is Arizona or Marrakech, finding good jewelry shops is high up on my list. I love finding pieces at the source. Speaking to local dealers offers invaluable information about the jewelry, why it was made, how it was worn, etc.


Souk or department store?

Definitely souk!

DIY or concierge service?

DIY for me. I love doing things with my own hands.

Buy everything or buy nothing?

I always use my instincts to buy, but I am very selective.

Camping or 5-star hotel?

I like camping, but I also like to pamper myself every now and then!

Drive or be driven?

Drive and in manual gear!

Room service or street food?

Street food with an occasional craving for room service!

Lots of luggage or carry-on bag?

Carry-on when I can. I like to travel light, but I always pack a foldable extra bag for the return journey (for the goodies that I might buy on my trip).



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