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Behind the Label: Caralarga

March 31, 2017

Caralarga is a Mexican workshop located in the Fábrica de hilados y tejidos, El Hércules, in Querétaro, México. Caralarga founder, Ana Holschneider, aims to convey the value of handmade craftsmanship and highlight the natural beauty of each material used. Admiring the simplicity of things in their natural state, Caralarga designs prove that simple is better.  What inspired you to create your own brand/company? Where did your story start? I was born and raised in Mexico...

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March 24, 2017

Rumisu is a joint project of two sisters, Deniz and Pinar Yegin, to welcome everyone into their whimsical world. Their ultimate goal? To let love and curiosity for beauty be a conduit for philanthropy. Oh and of course to create a line of ethically manufactured design accessories that give back to their community of origin, in Turkey, which they do perfectly! Each scarf they create has its own story, characters,...

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March 17, 2017

SOKO redefines the aesthetics of ethical fashion. SOKO artisans use locally-sourced and eco-friendly materials, such as recycled brass and reclaimed cow horn and bone, to create modern designs that appeal to the urban woman. By connecting these artisans with the fashion consumer, SOKO helps these entrepreneurs build their own businesses, improve production capacity, and sustainably increase income. We caught up with co-founder, Gwendolyn Floyd, to pick her brain about the...

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Behind the Label: MARIYA

March 10, 2017

With the idea to create a brand of beautifully designed mochilas, MARIYA founders Maria-Paula Herrera and Melissa Moriarty created a collection that blends traditional handmade techniques with modern, functional design. Meeting in 2012 out on the dance floor in Bogotá, Colombia, Melissa and Paula have been #girlboss friends ever since, mentoring one another as they started their entrepreneurial ventures with Colombian artisans. The MARIYA collection of handbags and accessories is 100% handmade by the indigenous...

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Behind the Label: Sarah's Bag

March 03, 2017

Sarah’s Bag handbags combine a colorful and sophisticated aesthetic with luxurious, meticulous craftsmanship. Each collection is both an exploration of new materials and techniques, as well as a revival and reinterpretation of traditional crafts such as hand beading, embroidery, sequinning, crocheting and fabric manipulation. An artisan can work up to 25 hours on a single piece to bring these designs to life. The brand’s founder and creative director, Sarah Beydoun,...

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Behind the Label: Knotti

February 06, 2017

  We couldn’t be more obsessed with Knotti knitwear these days and it’s not just because their hand-knit items are perfect for bundling up during these cold winter months. This Hong Kong-based brand trains local low-income women the art of knitting and employs them to create beautiful apparel and accessories out of their homes. Did I mention Knotti's knits are made entirely of biodegradable yarn from the most environmentally and...

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Behind the Label: Ketzali

October 17, 2016

Ketzali is an eco-friendly accessories company that produces handmade shawls and tunics using traditional Guatemalan skills. Of course we were impressed by Ketzali’s mission to work with artisans to increase their incomes and living standards, but we were really knocked out by the shawls themselves. These shawls are the real deal, completely authentic with a contemporary spin, they will become you go-to item for day, night, travel or home. Read on...

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Behind the Label: Goodearth

July 12, 2016

Every time we are in India, we make it a point to stop by a Goodearth shop to stock up on our favorite contemporary home products. Think block print linens, charming demitasse cups and beautifully colored glass. Many Goodearth wares make great hostess and holiday gifts that we begrudgingly share all year long. Learn the story behind this beloved Indian brand and then shop Goodearth products which are on sale for...

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Gypset Travel: Rhodes to Bodrum

June 21, 2016

All the ladies in their whites courtesy of Elah. Stephanie, Goli, Bonnie and I. Bonnie is a fashion designer who used to be Donna Karan's right hand woman and now has her own line and authored the book Colors of Vanishing Tribes. She traveled the world documenting vanishing tribes and their textiles - everything from cannibals in Borneo to madmen in Papau New Guinea to Inuits in the North Pole....

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Behind the Label: LOV Project

June 15, 2016

Anooshka Zakarian and Ani Lalazarian, began their journey as founders of the LOV Project after a life changing trip to India in 2011. With diverse backgrounds in fashion as designers, buyers, and merchandisers this duo united their talents to create a brand with purpose and meaning. We love the chic effortless style of their silk caftans, ponchos and wraps. Take a look into their world and then toss on a caftan. How would...

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