Behind the Label: Caralarga

Caralarga is a Mexican workshop located in the Fábrica de hilados y tejidos, El Hércules, in Querétaro, México. Caralarga founder, Ana Holschneider, aims to convey the value of handmade craftsmanship and highlight the natural beauty of each material used. Admiring the simplicity of things in their natural state, Caralarga designs prove that simple is better. 

What inspired you to create your own brand/company? Where did your story start?

I was born and raised in Mexico City. Four years ago, me and my family moved to Queretaro, a small city a few hours away from one of the biggest cities in the world. Here, I had the fortune to access local materials such as the 100% cotton thread which inspired me to start a jewelry line with natural fibers instead of metal. This, plus the admiration I've always had for the quality of Mexican handmade products, and the people who make them, motivated me to start this project.

Can you describe your production process? Where do you source your materials and how does it all come together?

The process begins with the visit to Hercules, a 1846 textile factory, we make every month. Here, Fransisco, who has been working at the yarn area for more than 20 years, helps us choose the thickness of the thread that will subsequently be taken to the gummed process to acquire its texture. When this process is finished, the thread is stored on a giant steel reel. This way it prevents from tangling. Later, the thread is cut and rolled into a big ¨queso Oaxaca¨ type of ball to make it easier to bring into the workshop and start with the creative process.

Every piece that CARALARGA produces is 100% handmade. María del Socorro Gasca Chalqueño and Inés Hernandez Estrada, our collaborators, dedicate an important part of their time to work our collections. Thanks to their wit, professionalism, compromise, and creativity, our designs can be transformed into high quality, artisan jewelry. Their hands bring the value of our traditions and culture to every customer. We want to share the story behind each piece, the development process, its care, and more important, the hands that worked them. This way each CARALARGA can be truly understood and fully enjoyed.

As your brand continues to grow, what creative endeavors do see on your horizon?

Today, we are working on large format pieces for a few ¨Home Décor¨ projects and hopefully we can see Caralarga designing a Home Decor and a clothing collection soon.

Who is your muse? Describe the Caralarga woman.

A woman who values simplicity and authenticity. A human woman.

What are your favorite places to eat, drink, and shop in Mexico City?

Eat: Fonda Mayora and Contra Mar at La Condesa, La Onda (tacos).
Drink: Jardin Chapultepec (craft beer)
Shop: La Roma and Polanco, Yakampot, The Feathered, Onora Casa, Cibeles72


In a perfect world, where do you see the hand-made, “slow-fashion” industry in the next five years?

In the perfect world, taking over the consumerism of mass produced garments and accessories. Balancing every woman's closet by having less quantities but hand picked, good quality, handmade fashion goods.





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