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Liya Kebede is a supermodel, actress, former World Health Organization Goodwill Ambassador and now a designer. L-atitude introduces Lemlem, a brand that expresses Liya?s desire to inspire economic independence in her native country of Ethiopia.

Liya Kebede is a supermodel, actress, former World Health Organization Goodwill Ambassador and now a  designer. L-atitude introduces Lemlem, a brand that  expresses Liya?s desire to inspire economic independence in her native country of Ethiopia.




1.     What creative ventures are you working on at the moment?

I am continuing to work on the lemlem Fall 2012 collection ? we have a lot of exciting pieces coming down the pipeline. I am balancing that between modeling and acting at the moment!











2.      What are your three favorite off-the-beaten-track stores in the world?



I love Merci in Paris, I'm not sure if it counts as off the beaten track anymore! But it's a great store where you can feel good about shopping because they donate all of their profits to a CO-OP for young women in Madagascar.


The bazaar in Turkey. It is incredible, there is a small cafe called Fez cafe in the middle of the bazaar where you can sit and just spend hours watching the commotion.


I also love visiting Daunt Books in London- it's amazing.?














3.     How would you describe the signature style of the modern woman?



The modern woman is so busy balancing life and work ? I think the modern woman?s  signature style is anything that can get her through her day ? even if that means an amazing pair of ballet flats, the perfect fitting skinny pant and white button down or 6 inch heels and a suit!











4.     What is your favorite vacation destination? Where do you stay when there? 



I like always visiting places I have not been to before, it is very rare for me to go to the same place twice even if I love it a lot.







5.     How would you describe your personal style?



Anything I can run around in ? I am always running to different meetings throughout the day, so I would have to say my personal style is, polished yet casual and functional. I never leave the house without a great pair of flats.









6.     Do you have any tricks or secrets for traveling in style?



Make sure you have a good bag to keep everything in. I find the lemlem Lila Bag is roomy enough for carrying all my essentials, and it's reversible so I get two different looks from one piece. 







7.     What are three things you have to bring every time you travel (aside from necessities like phone, wallet, passport, etc.)?




1. Dresses, the lemlem Helina Dress works as well in the city as it does on the beach. And it folds up to almost nothing in my suitcase. 





2. Books , my favorite thing to do when traveling



3. Notebook , I always write a lot of ideas down on the plane.








8.     What city has the best nightlife? What is your favorite spot to visit when there?





I love going out in Paris, I end up going to whatever is the new spot of the moment ?









9.     What are three things every woman should have in her wardrobe?



1. A lemlem split scarf. It's become our iconic piece in our collection and something I always end up pulling out of my own wardrobe to wear. 


The one we developed this season just looks like sunshine! 



2. Ballets flats



3. Great super soft t-shirts







10.  What are your top three picks from





To pick three things is so hard, I want everything! 





1. The lemlem Helina Tunic is a great piece, it can be worn as a cover up over a bikini at the beach, with jeans in the day time, or even with skinny leather pants at night. 



 2.The Vaza ? Deeda Clutch is gorgeous and would be the perfect clutch to go from day to night



 3.Bali Soles ? Resort Coral Sandals would be the perfect beach vacation shoe!







11.  What is the best shopping find you've ever made while traveling? 



I found amazing silver statues and everything home in the Saturday morning market in Beijing. That market is incredible .






12.  What is your favorite market bazaar to shop at?



The merkato in Ethiopia is an amazing and unique shopping experience. We source all the of the printed cotton linings for our bags there. The last time I was home I picked some traditional handmade gifts to sell on along with our clothing line.  












13.  What is one destination you've never been to that you're dying to visit?  








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