Behind the Label: Mesi Jilly

A love of the beach and a fascination with the sea has propelled Mesi Jilly?s exquisite jewelry collection since 2005. The Austrian-born designer has traveled world-wide, collecting inspiration from varied destinations that she would later turn into stand-out rings and pendants. Jilly?s rings are crafted from shells and embellished with silver, crystals and semi-precious stones to bring a bit of nature into a woman?s daily style.

1)    You?ve lived in Austria, France, Italy and Chile. Which of these places do you feel you identify most strongly with as far as style?


All my travels have inspired me, but I feel that I identify with fashion in Italy and France the most.  Women in Paris and Milan truly represent effortless chic! 



2)    Your collection is inspired by the ocean and natural settings. What are some of the destinations that have inspired your designs?



Although I live in New York, I spend most of my holidays at the beach.  I draw inspiration from my travels and especially from nature.  I was inspired by my last trip to Harbour Island, Bahamas and created a collection of shell rings and pendants.  I fell in love with the Island?s boho-chic style, and spent hours sitting on the beach designing new pieces.  





3)    Have you had any treasured shopping finds while in any of these destinations?


I love to explore local shops and bazaars wherever I go. A few years ago, I created a line of unique rings from the amazing shells I found at a Bazaar in Turks and Caicos.



4)    What is your perfect ocean-side vacation destination?  Where do you stay when there?



For a beach holiday, I love Mykonos and I go there with my family every summer.  It's a wonderful combination of amazing beaches, great food and fun people. We usually stay at Mykonos Blu which has the best beach and restaurants.  For a more relaxed holiday, I love Harbour Island in the Bahamas.


5)    What are your top four picks from L-atitude ( for chic style while on an island vacation?


For my summer holiday this year, I?m going to bring with me Rasa Jaipur?s Overlap Kurta, Beach Towels from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, Sabina Swim?s Pink Bridgette Bandeau swimsuit and the Luxe Guide to Istanbul (so I can start dreaming about my next trip!)



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