Brushstroke: David Bouley's New Japanese Restaurant

Considering his massive success with Bouley ? which was named by over 7,000 diners as the meal they?d desire as the last of their life ? David Bouley took great care in planning his new Japanese restaurant in TriBeca. Such care in fact, that three years passed before his new baby finally enjoyed opening night. What was once a side comment to Yoshiki Tsuji during a trip to the Tsuji cooking school in Osaka is now restaurant reality.


30 Hudson Street
New York, NY, 10013


Meet David?s newest in the world of culinary delights, named Brushstroke. The restaurant sits on Hudson Street between Duane and Reade Streets, features a dining room with 65 seats, a lounge with 24 seats, and a massive kitchen that serves as the home to chefs Isao Yamada and Hiroki Murashima. But this is much more than just another Japanese restaurant serving up sushi and sashimi?.


David?s newest location focuses on cosy Kyoto-style seasonal dining, with an emphasis on the ingredients.  And while the food takes center attention, the design details are just as spectacular: a live fish tank downstairs, Japanese seeds imported specially in order to grow produce, and over 20,000 recycled paperback books as the walls.  With three years of planning, fifteen years of dreaming, and 10,000 sample dishes that David created, Brushstrokes left me full of more than just succulent Japanese delights. 


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