Global Guest Chic: Wedding in Africa

Ever thought about combining your wedding and your honeymoon? Destination weddings always prove to be an easy way to share more than just your special day with those you love. Lake Nakurua, Amboseli, the Mount Kenya region, and the Maasai Mara are all great choices in Kenya for creating an unforgettable global wedding experience.

Giraffe Manor near Lake Nakurua, Nairobi
Style:  Traditional, Elegant, Timeless


Giraffe Manor offers a classic old world taste of the dark continent.  Intimate and elegant, it was built in 1932 by Sir David Duncan and was modeled after a Scottish hunting lodge. The lodge is situated on 115 acres with a spectacular view of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the Ngong Hills. The Rothschild giraffes were moved onto the property after the loss of their natural habitat, they come to the windows every morning to be hand fed by guests. The regal but exotic atmosphere is a rich celebration of ceremony and tradition.



Shompole Hotel in The Maasai Mara, Kenya
Style:  Bold, Draped, Dramatic


In terms of looks and experience, this hotel is unique in Africa. Fresh spring water flows down gullies flanking the entrance to each bungalow and then cascades down the back of the bed, eventually empting into a delicious personal plunge pool. Spend downtime relaxing in an enormous mesh tent, zipped shut to keep out bugs and creepy-crawlies. Most of the staff are Maasai and still wear traditional dress. If you opt to have your ceremony here, a Maasai elder will perform the rites, and your union is blessed by the entire community.



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