Behind the Label: Nicholas Liu

Hong Kong designer Nicholas Liu works with the beauty of stones and precious metals, making the most of their earthly qualities. After studying art and design at London?s Central Saint Martins, Liu went on to master metalwork and jewelry at Buckinghamshire and the Royal College of Art. After, Liu began working for iconic lines like Shanghai Tang, Blanc de Chine and Kotur. The Nicholas Liu line is marked by a Neo-Victorian aesthetic; its meandering metal curves feel nostalgic and new.


Modern classics, with an edge. I take iconic maximalist styles ? like the Maharaja era when jewelry was loaded onto outfits ? and modernize them.



Where to wear:

I feel jewelry should be worn in accordance with a women?s emotions, so if they are feeling in need of a lift or just want to accentuate their outfits with a large suite of jewelry for the day, I encourage this. Setting doesn?t matter, as it?s more of a frame of mind.


Where do you find inspiration for your designs?

All over - there is nothing that does not inspire the details of my work. From industrial furniture where there are interesting hinges to the layering of lace in haute couture clothing.


What destination inspires you most?

 Paris. It?s the ultimate combination of luxury and chic.


What is your design process?

I am a multi-tasker, so there is no one set of design process I use. Sometimes the design comes from a certain material I come across, or I work with decorative Rococo forms and see what looks good.


What are your favorite materials to work with?

There is a certain quality in the luster of pearls that I find very romantic. Also rose-cut diamonds are an older cut and give a softer sparkle to the jewelry.




What are your three favorite places in Hong Kong?

Sheung Wan: there are pockets of quiet areas and small shops.

Central: a prime people watching spot, where you see women in killer heels refusing to stop for traffic.

South Bay Beach: a short 40 minute ride and you are away from city life!



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