Globetrotter: Lisa Fine

We love Lisa Fine’s luxe boho style. As designer of her own textile collection and co- designer of worldly chic clothing label Irving & Fine, Lisa manages to combine her southern roots and global tastes into a NYC lifestyle that seems to have popped out of a Slim Aarons photo. We were thrilled when this card carrying member of the international jet-set agreed to share her inspirations, destinations and all time favorite souvenir.

How would you describe your personal style? Who, what or where is the inspiration behind your style?

I wore a school uniform in high school and the concept stayed with me. During the day I often wear blue jeans and a navy top. If I have to dress up in the evening it is usually a little black dress, a YSL gypsy skirt with an Irving Fine peasant blouse, or black pants or jeans and an Irving and Fine coat. I tend to lean toward a 70's style and I love an unexpected accessory. I am very inspired by vintage YSL and by eastern european folkloric and ottoman costume.

How does travel influence your style?

Diana Vreeland summed it up perfectly, "The Eye has to Travel".

What city do you have an endless love affair with?

I have an endless love affair with London, Delhi and Istanbul. I never tire of any of them.

Can you share your top three favorite spots for dining, shopping, and drinking in the world? Please be as specific as possible!

My favorite restaurants in the world are: Galatoires in New Orleans. I grew up there eating oysters Rockerfellow and oysters on brouchette. Trishna in Bombay, Wiltons in London, Le Duc in Paris. I usually like a simple dive or an classic old fashion restaurant. Trishna is famous for it's chili garlic crab and it has a great black pepper crab, hyderabad dahl, okra and the best nan. Both Wiltons and Le Duc are a bit of a time capsule and have not changed in decades. The oysters are fresh, the martinis are shaken and the desert trolley has floating islands and summer pudding. When I travel I love to try any local small restaurant but I rarely remember the name. I love indian and lebanese food and often eat from the streets. Bombay is probably my favorite eating city.

What is your most desired passport stamp?

I am dying to go Iran, Uzbekistan and Israel. I don't think I will have them all stamped on the same passport!

Best trip so far?

Down the Nile on the Obeiro's Zahra in Egypt.

Favorite hotel that you wouldn't mind staying in forever?

The Rajvillas in Jaipur and The Oberoi in New Delhi are my favorite places to stay. 

Most beloved souvenir?

I once brought a dog back from China and that was by far my most beloved souvenir.

Ultimate escape fantasy?

My ultimate escape fantasy is to travel in India without an itinerary going to both cities and villages staying in wonderful hotels and spas.





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