Live Like A Local In Lamu

We asked our favorite local Aman Lamu designer Sandy Bornman to share 9 unmissable moments in Lamu, Kenya. Follow Sandy’s dreamy Lamu lifestyle on Instagram @sandylamu

1. Best Place to Stay? Peponi Hotel. However besides Peponi Hotel there are also many villas like this to rent.

2. Best Breakfast Joint? Peponi Hotel

3. Fave Stores? 


Alyshaa Designs for traditional Kenyan Kikoi's. The Masaai Shop for their beaded bracelets, belts and much more. 


Ali Lamu - bags and paintings by local fishermen under the watchful eye of Daniela Bateleur on used sail cloth. Izaya's workshop where he gets inspired and creative with drift wood.

4. Fave Neighborhood? Shela Village, men playing mbao.

5. Restaurant Recs? Lamu House Beach Bar & Restaurant and Baitil Aman for traditional Swahili dinner under the stars.

6. Guilty Pleasure? 


With an abundance of fruit and seafood we live a healthy lifestyle on the island but occasionally I indulge in an assortment of Swahili breakfast which can leave one's molars humming.

7. Fave Traditional Spots? Yoga at Yoga House or the Wellness Centre, Shela Village. Dhow boat construction.

8. After Dark? Full moon sails and drinks on the Peponi verandah.

9. What you can't get anywhere else? Lamu island has no roads, no vehicles, no pollution. You travel by sailing, speedboat, donkey or your feet.


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