Michel Heredia

We recently met up with Michel Heredia, the global sales director for the Andre Balazs properties, we asked him to share his favorite local spots  in his home town of Mexico City. Michel, who has the enviable job of traveling to the worlds chicest hotels, let us in on his style tips and travel rituals.
How would you describe your personal style?
Simple, I love the simplicity about things. I am obsessed with white Oxford button-down shirts.

What city do you have an endless love affair with?
New York, it's a city that inspires me and it is always evolving. The resilience of this city always surprises me.
Can you share your top three favorite spots in your hometown? Please be as specific as possible.
When I go back to Mexico City, I always go to these places...

Food: I love a place called El Califa. It?s always my first stop from the Airport with my parents. For sure the best taco in Mexico City. It?s located in Condesa

Haircut: My best friend is one of the most respected hairdressers on the world. Thomas Hair Spa is located in Polanco. I love being there; besides having the best haircut you can read the latest art books and magazines from all over the world.
Ice cream: I always have a ?mamey? ice cream at Roxy. It was my grandma?s favorite place and it reminds me of her. I always feel at home.

Hope: I love visiting all the wonderful churches in Mexico. One of my favorites is San Augustin. I would go there with my grandparents.
What is your most desired passport stamp?
Japan. I would love to experience their food and can't wait to see the architecture of Tokyo.
Best trip so far?

Istanbul, that was such a wonderful trip! There is nothing better in this world than to have local friends and have their suggestions. It was inspiring, from reconnecting with friends to discovering the culture.

Favorite form of transport?

Direct flights

Always in your suitcase?
My creams, I am obsessed with creams. I remember growing up and always using my mom?s creams. Now my favorite cream is the gel from La MER. It's addictive.

Favorite hotel that you wouldn't mind staying in forever?

The Mercer. I love staying there with my boyfriend - we always wish that we could live there.
Most beloved souvenir?
My travel prayers, I always travel with a Jewish prayer that a friend of mine gave me. It always makes me feel protected when I travel.

Favorite shop, market or souk?

My favorite market is the Santa Catarina Market in Barcelona. The food is amazing!!!!!!!!

Globetrotter Stats:

Souk or department store?

Both!!! Can't decide and depends for what.

DIY or concierge service?
Do it your self, I love friends? recommendations.
Buy everything or buy nothing?

Nothing, we have everything we need.

Camping or 5-Star Hotel?
I always believe that when you travel you should be more comfortable than at home. If not it's better to stay home.

Drive or be driven?
Driven, I hate driving.

Room service or street food?

Room service! I love hotels, I wish I lived in one.
Images courtesy of Michel Heredia


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