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Leaders of the Pack

For global nomads, there?s an art form to what we pack and why, so we asked a few of our favorite international jetsetters what their personal philosophies are when it?s time to get packing.

For global nomads, there?s an art form to what we pack and why, so we asked a few of our favorite international jetsetters what their personal philosophies are when it?s time to get packing.


Photo courtsey of gastrochic.com


Lynn Yaeger, American Fashion Writer, US Vogue

Lynn, known for her quirky style involving layers of Comme de Garcons with a clear nod to vintage dolls, is one of the most prolific American fashion writers around. She can be seen sitting front row at all of the international fashion weeks and consistently exploring New York City?s most exciting shops. 


"I try to carry everything on, but it's impossible when you are away for weeks for fashion shows. It is helpful that my own personal style relies more on ballet tutus than boyfriend jeans. You might not believe it, but a giant tutu rolls up into a little tulle ball! I am also trying to convince myself that maybe ONE coat and ONE handbag will suffice for a trip. So far, I have not been able to, which means that the extra purse and the extra coat have to go in the checked luggage, and yes, the worst case scenario materialized, BOTH were lost for 24 hours (it felt like twenty four years) when I came home from Paris last time, but that is another story."








Laura Riascos, Columbian Rum Baroness, Founder of La Hechicera

This Colombian bred, Brown-educated, international globetrotter and London resident hails from a family with a generational tradition in rum making. Recently, Laura decided to pull the oldest aged casks of the sweet liquor to create her own brand, La Hechicera. Translated to enchantress in Spanish, this luxe liquour can be found in only the most glamorous purveyors in Europe and Colombia.


"When I travel my priority is always comfort, I try to pack things that have been tried and tested for maximum efficiency.  You can always find a pair of well-worn flat boots that are easy to get in and out of and a forgiving pair of stretch black tights in my bag.  My shameless enjoyment of local foods requires clothes that are less restrictive and that go with the flow. 

Match this with easy long blouses that you can steam press close to the hot shower at the hotel.  I always remember to pack warrior pumps or warrior booties to go out in the evening when you don't know exactly how you will get back to base camp.  In the midst of all things practical; a perfect cocktail dress with all its accessories because, even if you are not planning it, a magical little invitation can always crop up."







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Monica Dogra, Indian Actress and Lead Singer of Electro pop group, Shaa?ir and Func

The American-born beauty of Indian heritage, Monica Dogra found her way back to India to pursue a career in entertainment. Now, she?s stirring it up outside the Bollywood system and paving the way for an indie voice in sub continental pop culture. Known for the artsy roles she plays in films and her unique tunes, her red-carpet style is sexy and glamorous while her everyday look is an artful bohemian chic.


"When I travel, I keep at least half of my bag readily available for whatever new stuff I will acquire whilst inevitably shopping. Also, the joy of being jet set is born when you surrender to the unknown and the unpredictable?what that means is, keep it minimal. Travel sized bottles, a jacket that goes with everything and a pair of shoes that transitions from day to night is ideal."




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