Pedro Andrade

Pedro Andrade is a Brazilian journalist, actor, and model. After being discovered by Mario Testino on Ipanema Beach, this beyond handsome carioca traveled the world as a model. Now, a well-known TV host and tastemaker in Brazil, Pedro dished on his favorite local spots and shared what he is coveting from Shop Latitude.

Pedro Andrade is a Brazilian journalist, actor, and model. After being discovered by Mario Testino on Ipanema Beach, this beyond handsome carioca traveled the world as a model. Now, a well-known TV host and tastemaker in Brazil, Pedro dished on his favorite local spots and shared what he is coveting from Shop Latitude.


You were discovered by Mario Testino and have since then modeled for many iconic brands. What made you step into the realm of Television?

Even though I started my career modeling, I had already studied four years of journalism in Brazil and always knew that I was a host working as a model and not a model looking to succeed in fashion ? Not that there?s anything wrong whatsoever with that option either, it just wasn?t right for me individually.

I?m really proud of the work I did as a model and can say that this experience has taught me immensely. In a way, those 6 or 7 years in the business had a direct impact on the professional I ended up becoming today. Modeling forced me to deal with rejection on a daily basis and also sharpened up the competitive skills I didn?t even know I had. It also allowed me to discover different cultures, learn languages and explore the world under a peculiar, yet fascinating, light.


Having traveled all over the world for fashion shoots, what are some of the most memorable destinations you have been to and why?

In terms of natural beauty, the Ko Phi Phi islands, Galapagos and Santorini were pretty unbeatable. But I?ve learned to love most places I visited. The beauty of travelling the world is not having to pick and choose favorites, but instead, learning to appreciate places for what they are. I have had unforgettable trips to Costa Rica, England, Italy, Turkey, Japan, amongst many other locations.

While modeling, I spent a lot of time in Milan, Paris, S?o Paulo and Athens, but those were different times, therefore, it is tough to compare it with my life in NY the past 10 years. Living in models? apartments, taking ? lots ? of public transportations, eating poorly, waiting endless hours on casting calls and adapting to crazy sleeping habits can be a tough routine to have. You could be in ?paradise? and struggle with that kind of a schedule.


But the truth is, regardless of anything, I have grown to truly love the city I live in now. Today I sort of became an ambassador of NY in Brazil, hosting one of the most popular news shows on national TV, writing a Guide to NY that will be published this September, producing my own website with all sorts of recommendations (most of them in NY ) and writing an app about the wonders we enjoy on a daily basis as ?locals?. 

As much as I adore escaping to a tropical destination from time to time, I can honestly say that right now, I belong right where I am.




How would you describe your travel style? 

Open-Minded. My grandmother always said that ?the good traveler travels before, during and after a trip?. The journey starts when you?re planning where to go and it doesn?t really end until you stop reminiscing about it.

It?s not easy to describe a ?travel style? since each trip is its own unique experience. You can be travelling for work, enjoying a honeymoon, seeking a relaxing getaway or just discovering a new destination. I, myself, ?enjoy all of the above?.



What are the three things you never leave home without?


My cell phones, my wallet and my watch.



What are your globetrotter tips for living like a ?local? in Brazil


Let?s start with Rio (where I was born and raised). 

Sushi Leblon ? This restaurant has been around for a while, however, year after year, it remains one of the trendiest (and most delicious) spot in Rio. Great place to eat well, see and be seen! Don?t forget to order the ?foie gras/green apple? sushi ? I am not big on innovations but this dish is pretty spectacular!


Arpoador is a beach located on a small strip of sand between Ipanema and Copacabana. There, you can find a hidden gem called Azul Marinho (or Navy Blue in English). This bar offers some of the best caipirinhas you?ll taste in your life; and watching the sunset while sipping on those, is about as close to heaven as you?ll get.

Even though I have travelled the world, till this day I have not found a more breathtaking city than Rio. The mixture of mountains and beaches is a really rare combo to find. From above, this place manages to be even more beautiful, and for that reason I highly suggest either taking a helicopter ride or hang gliding. Both of them can cost anywhere from 200 to 500 bucks, but, the experience, will for sure be priceless (clich? but true). Here is a trust worthy contact for those who decide to hang glide: Ricardo - 96938800


Apraz?vel: Up on a mountain, at an old ? and underrated -neighborhood called Santa Teresa, you?ll find Apraz?vel, one of the best restaurants in Rio. The establishment is located right next to Corcovado (the iconic Statue of Christ), so, you can imagine the type of view you?ll have during your meal. It?s not walking distance from any hotels so you will definitely need a car; it might demand a little bit of extra planning but -trust me- it?s worth every second of it.  

Despite the lack of natural beauty, S?o Paulo is also a fascinating city. Often compared to NY, it has enough wonders to make for a phenomenal trip. When it comes to shopping, art, culture, gastronomy, fashion, entertainment and nightlife, this city really stand out. Here are a couple of places you must visit.


Pinacoteca do Estado de S?o Paulo: This is the oldest museum in the state of S?o Paulo and it?s considered one of the most cutting edge art institutions in the world today. It is housed in a 1900 building in Jardim da Luz, a charming neighborhood downtown. Amongst the artists that have been featured here are: Ernesto Neto, Andy Warhol, Matisse, Tarsila do Amaral, Beatriz Milhazes, Giacometti and the list goes on.


SPOT restaurant: For over 20 years SPOT has been the place to see and be seen in S?o Paulo. From super models and respected artists to politicians and soccer stars, this is the ultimate trendy hang-out in this city. Don?t forget to try their Steak au Poivre and the flawless berry caipiroskas (a modern rendition to a Brazilian classic).




What items are you coveting from Shop Latitude?


I have been a huge fan of the brand Sequence since it was first launched by Ariela Suster a few years ago. I was familiar with her ? consistently tasteful style but had no idea she had such strong roots in El Salvador. In my opinion it makes for a perfect line of accessories since it has a charitable niche (part of the earnings go to the artisans that actually hand make everything), however, it?s trendy and beautiful enough to complement any outfit. 

I also love the fact that she makes bracelets for men and women, therefore, I always keep an eye on what new styles she brings back to the US.  

When I was growing up, my family had a beach house in a small town called B?zios. One of my favorite memories is taking naps in one of the many hammocks while listening to the waves hitting the shore. Ever since I moved to Manhattan, I always had the plan to eventually purchasing a hammock for my apartment, however, until recently, I wasn?t able to find a place with walls sturdy enough for that kind of project. Since my new apartment is actually more fit for the addition, I have been planning on potentially getting one of the beautiful Sun & Siesta hammocks on Shop Latitude.

I?m a big fan of what Carlos Couturier did at the Hotel Americano and one of the things I?ve always loved about the place was the scent that came from the ?in-house? candle. I just noticed you guys sell them on the website, so I?ll be buying some of those soon!


Globetrotter Stats 


Souk or Department Store? Souk


DIY or Concierge Service? Concierge Service


Buy Everything or Buy Nothing? Buy Everything


Camping or 5-Star Hotel? 5-Star Hotel


Drive or be Driven? Drive (without a doubt)


Room service or Street Food? Street Food


Lots of Luggage or Carry-on Bag? Carry-on Bag




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