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Simple, sexy, and oh-so-chic is the perfect way to describe Pearl. Love. Handcrafted by Oahu Hawaii based sisters Tara and Emily, these Tahitian pearl necklaces and bracelets serve as a stylish interpretations of their cool beach bound lifestyle.

Simple, sexy, and oh-so-chic is the perfect way to describe Pearl. Love. Handcrafted by Oahu Hawaii based sisters Tara and Emily, these Tahitian pearl necklaces and bracelets serve as a stylish interpretations of their  cool beach bound lifestyle.





For spring, leather has been replaced with day -glo macram? chords to create a sporty surf vibe. This is personal statement jewelry, wear it every day and in everyway. Wrap these simple strands around your wrist and mix them with everything from gold bangles to chunky sport watches. We are talking about timeless style, this is jewelry that will age gracefully with you. Read more about the inspiration behind the collection and Tara and Emily?s most-loved L-atitude pieces below.




What inspired you to create your collection?



We?ve always traveled and had seen some pretty cool Tahitian pearl designs, especially in Hawaii, Mexico and the Virgin Islands.  Our first pieces were just our attempt to make our own necklaces borne of shopper?s remorse when we found ourselves back home empty handed and wanting pearls.  We [over]bought a stash of pearls and drowned ourselves in them and a few months later our first shop out in Montauk bought the jewelry off our bodies to sell.  It has been a bit of an intentional, unintentional journey in that way. 







What is unique about your process of production? 



We are a truly complimentary team, and we try to focus on each of our strengths to ensure the highest quality product that we both can be proud of. This means that we both do all of the design work and both have a say in which designs make it into our collection, and that we work really closely on photo shoots and other creative work to ensure that our shared vision is implemented.


The most unique aspect of our production is that it is truly a family business.  Every dime that has gone into the company has been ours and all of the production work is done by the two of us.  Our mom and our husbands pitch in to help out and our brother is building us a light box for product photos as we speak. 






Where do you source the pearls from?



We get our Tahitian pearls from a local Hawaiian pearl distributor who makes regular trips to Tahiti to obtain the pearls directly from their source. The sheer volume and variety that we have to select from is both amazing and a little overwhelming. We?re working with mostly silver and black Tahitian pearls right now, but we do offer a few colored options and plan to expand to include more colored pearl options in the future.




What is your favorite Pearl.Love piece?




It?s too hard to pick just one! The macram?, shambala, and chunky Tahitian pearl bracelets and the fringe necklaces are our current faves.




What are your favorite "secrets" about Hawaii



Tara: The extreme natural beauty that surrounds you on every island (not a secret itself but there are so many good secret spots that show this off!), the friendliness and general laid back nature of most of the people who live in Hawaii, all of the local and handmade options (food, juices, clothing, jewelry, perfume), the variety of different landscapes all available on Oahu (huge surfing waves up north, calm lagoons at Ko?olina, bustling city life in Honolulu, tourist central in Waikiki, white sand and turquoise water in Kailua and Lanikai), kayaking out to the Moks from Lanikai Beach, the treacherous hike to the top of Koko Head for amazing island views ? I really could go on and on!







Emily: I think Hawaii currently has a little bit of a less than desirable reputation as a has-been among globetrotters, so, for me, the best kept secret is the amazing little world we have out here.  We have such a cool group who have all lived these enormous and interesting lives before settling here and doing what they do.  I had a friend from NYC come to visit and he said he felt like we live in 1920?s Paris with a tan, which I thought was a lovely compliment. 






Who is your Muse? Describe the Pearl. Love Tee woman?



Confident, outgoing, beach babe who loves her life, does her own thing and believes that ?more is better? when it comes to accessorizing! Our muse is a gypsy, bohemian love child, nature lover, and all around cool woman that we would want to hang out with.



Globetrotter Stats:

Souk or Department Stores?

Souks, markets, arts & crafts fairs, street fairs, swap meets, yard sales, rummage sales, tag sales ? we can spend days hunting for goodies!!


DIY or Concierge Service?

In theory DIY, in reality a little of both.





Buy Everything or Buy Nothing? 

If we aren?t together, we are split on this (Tara: ?buy everything,? Emily: ?buy nothing?) but together, we are good mix of searching for and finding treasures.





Camping or 5-Star Hotel?

Tara: 5-star hotel (after way too many bad camping experiences) 


Emily: Glamping = 5 star camping






Drive or be Driven?

Who cares, as long as we?re going!





Room Service or Street Food? 

The best of both!





Lots of Luggage or Carry-on Bag? 

Tara: working to reduce from ?lots of luggage? to something relatively close to ?carry-on bag.? 


Emily: Carry on size, but I still check it (what can I say, I love hair products in big containers). 





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