Globetrotter | Sabine Heller

Sabine Heller, President and CEO of ASMALLWORLD? the jet-set, by invitation community for travelers?defines well traveled.  Not only does she speak four languages, but is one of the most well- traveled women we know. Sabine, half-Indian and half-American, grew up between New York, Mumbai and New Delhi. She has also lived in Paris and Costa Rica. Sabine talks to L-atitude about her favorite spots in India and how to pass off as a local while traveling there.

How would you describe your travel style? 

My travel style is easy - I prefer to stick to dresses and sandals. I don't have time to fuss when I'm on the move.  

What are the three things you never leave home without? 

I never leave home without my camera, my phone, and my notebook. 

Since you often travel to India, can you tell us your five favorite places to visit?

My favorite place to stay in India is Ahilya Fort, my godfather's fort and palace on the Narmada river in India's heartland. Its one of the most beautiful and soulful places on earth. I hosted an incredible five day party there last year for friends and ASMALLWORLD members.

Its fun to explore Chor Bazaar, in Mumbai. Its one of the largest and most eclectic flea markets in the world. 


I also love to shop at my dear friend Maithili's store, Bungalow 8 - everything in there is really chic. I adore the house clothing line, called the Bungalow and Jamini Ahluwalia's jewelry line is brilliant as well.


I never miss a meal at Soam in Mumbai, which serves mouthwatering vegetarian Gujurati, Marwari and Maharashtrian food.

I love the temples in India, especially those off the tourist path like the Sun Temple in Konark, Orissa. From there you can also bike to the beach which is fun and low-key. 

What advice would you give to our readers who are planning a trip to India? 


Don't rush the experience and take lots of time on your journey. Let yourself explore the unknown and meander off the beaten path. Accept invitations into people's homes as India is about the home and its culture. Connect with locals. Don't be alarmed by any bits of ugliness you may come across; right around the corner you'll discover the most beautiful things you've ever seen.

What 3 items from L-atitude are you coveting for your next trip?

MIGUELINA, Leighanne Beach Dress 

BUNGALOW 8, White Malad Necklace

AMBA, Linen Ribbon Scarf 




Souk or Department Stores? Souk 



DIY or Concierge Service? DIY 



Buy Everything or Buy Nothing? Buy Everything



Camping or 5-Star Hotel? Both 



Drive or be Driven? Drive 



Room Service or Street Food? Street Food  



Lots of Luggage or Carry-on Bag? Lots of luggage 





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