Behind the Label | Joli, Proudly made in India

The Joli Joli Market Thailas collection is a modern and playful tribute to one of the most iconic symbols of India?s street culture, the ever-popular ?market bag?.

With the Joli Shree line, Joli reinterprets the ubiquitous Indian market bag to offer its version of a causal cool, street chic ?all purpose? tote for the urban fashionsita. Joli has also designed a smaller pouch to pair with it. Reworking the quintessential elements of the everyday market bag, Joli uses soft leather for its piping, adds requisite functionality with a mobile phone pocket and a string to attach keys, renders it in striking urban colours and embellishes it with a dramatic metallic Dabka hand-embroidery. And in characteristic Joli Joli humour, the prints on their bags have replaced standard advertising messages with quirky slogans of everyday street kitsch; Bhar Ke Chali Anar Kali, Joli Shree, Mera Bharat Mahan meaning She fills her bag and goes, Dearest Joli and My India is Great.



The Indian Truck Market Bag and Pouch, a part of the Market Thailas Collection themed on the common Indian market bag, has been inspired by another emblematic figure of the Indian street scene- the impressive Tata Truck.


The utilitarian features that set apart the Joli bags are preserved in this collection as well, from multiple pockets to an affixed key string, with the added functionality of a bottle compartment- thoughtfully included for the hot Indian summer. Printed on the bags are the comical slogans typically painted on the trucks? rear cautioning other vehicles to ?Keep Distance?, ?Blow Horn?, ?OK, Stop?. The bag is further embellished with an iridescent tape, representing the glowing lights of traffic signals.




In homage to the majestic Indian truck and its courageous truck drivers, the Joli Indian Truck bag is accessorised with a coloured pompom or Phoolna, which is typically found attached to a truck window to ward off any Evil Eye with a penchant for stealing the truck?s precious contents. Your very own phoolna protects you and your Joli bag from any lurking danger...




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