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MISELA?s timeless clutches and evening bags could make for great art pieces, being more objects of desire than accessories. Istanbul-born founder and Creative Director, Serra Turker, splits her time between Istanbul and New York, which is reflected in her designs. Even though all of her hand bags and home accessories have the rich textures and colors associated with the look of Istanbul?s grand bazaar , the entire collection is actually named after New York and Istanbul hotspots and neighborhoods.

MISELA?s timeless clutches and evening bags could make for great wall pieces, being more an object of desire than an accessory. Istanbul-born founder and Creative Director, Serra Turker, spends her time between Istanbul and New York, naming her bags and home accessories after New York hotspots and neighborhoods, while their rich colors and texture remind of a stroll through Istanbul?s Grand Bazaar.


What made you decide to focus on your own handbag line?


I have always dreamed of extending my painting skills into something that can also be worn but my initial experience in fashion design after RISD made me realize that I want to focus solely on accessories.                     

I felt that creating accessories is a straight forward and simple manner and then to create a clothing line.



Where does the name ?Misela? originate from?


My father was the one who initially came up with the name Misela a few years before I have founded my brand and the name ?Misela? comes from his three daughters? name. Mi(na) ? Se(rra) ? La(ra) I have decided to use that name the minute that I knew that I wanted to create an accessories brand. 


What does ?Misela? reflect? (In other words, what does the ?Misela? brand stand for?)

Misela reflects my way of living. I always look out for the things that I can treasure for many years and that they are timeless. Misela is a journey where you have high quality materials combined with an eclectic approach and that are very simple to last forever. 






The ?Misela? handbags are full of color, defined lines, and multiple textures and have a hint of vintage chic. Which inspirations drive your designs?


I always get inspired by certain architectural elements such as antique Morrocan tiles, arches in Hagia Sophia and walls of Istanbul. Their geometric forms and the way they interlace to make patterns always fascinate me. I like to use these elements in my handbag designs either with different material combinations or specially designed accessories.





You have a background in textile design and painting. How has your background influenced the Misela handbag line and your approach to design?


My background in painting and textiles design taught me to express myself through textures and colors. This approach created the whole identity behind Misela. Timeless pieces that are meant to worn.





For the Misela home accessories collection, the Misela pillows contain beautiful prints. What are the inspirations behind them?


The inspiration derives from the same places as my handbag collection but with pillows I can be more free and literal with my drawing/painting skills.





What is your favorite ?Misela? purse and why?


It is very hard to pick one bag as a favorite but I can definitely mention the one that I named after my name and where my design showroom is in Istanbul. It is called ?Serra at Pera? (Pera is a very historic area in Istanbul )




What would you wear with your favorite ?Misela? purse?


What I like about ?Serra at Pera? style is that I can wear it up or down. I find it quite bold and extravagant when I wear this style with my evening gowns to a wedding or to a dinner party with a simpler outfit.





 What is next for ?Misela??


I am planning on introducing a men?s collection in spring 2012.


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