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In a unique and innovative partnership, Holly Dunlap 4 Macoha is the collaboration of the The Malawi Council for the Handicapped (Macoha) and designer Holly Dunlap.

In a unique and innovative partnership, Holly Dunlap 4 Macoha is the collaboration of the The Malawi Council for the Handicapped (Macoha) and designer Holly Dunlap. In a factory established by Macoha to help the disabled become skilled workers, these artisans become experts at weaving, tailoring, screen-printing, hand-dying and more, all techniques that create the vibrant clothing and accessories of Malawian culture.



What creative ventures are you working on at the moment?

I?m continuing my collaboration with the Malawi Council for the Handicapped factory, which keeps me quite busy.  I?m also working on a surf line in South Africa, a jewelry project in Italy, and a top-secret TV show in Los Angeles, so I?m all over the map.




What are your three favorite off-the-beaten-track stores in the world?  

I love Merchants on Long in Cape Town, Ideias-A-Metro in Maputo in Mozambique, and La Caverna in Blantyre in Malawi.


What is your favorite vacation destination? Where do you stay when there? 

I love Mozambique & Madagascar.  In Mozambique my favorite spots are Vamizi Island and Coral Lodge.  In Madagascar Nosy Be is quite nice, and I love the cool spots in Antananarivo, like Le Saka at Hotel Sakamanga.




How would you describe your personal style? 

My style is a bit bohemian traveler at the moment.  Long dresses with flats and lots of gold jewelry is usually my go-to in the spring & summer.




Do you have any tricks or secrets for traveling in style? 

Living between 2 hemisphere?s can be tricky because I go from winter freeze to summer heat wave in just a 11 hour flight.   I start with a long knit tank dress and add layer upon layer to that.  Once I land, I switch my boots for sandals and I?m ready to go.  With great jewelry I?m even ready for a party.




What are three things you have to bring every time you travel (aside from necessities like phone, wallet, passport, etc.)? 

I always bring a bikini in my carry-on no matter where I?m traveling.  I was once stranded at an airport in Germany in the dead of winter but managed to get in a swim at the airport hotel!  I also bring a cashmere wrap & little cashmere booties for the plane.




What city has the best nightlife? What is your favorite spot to visit when there? 

I love going to Anema e Core when in Capri.  In Malawi we?ve got a great little watering hole called Doogles that has a very dodgy pool, dodgier patrons & a soundtrack that ranges from Lynyrd Skynyrd to the Grateful Dead.




What are three things every woman should have in her wardrobe? 

A ring she never takes off.  A few great pairs of flat sandals.  A few long dresses that go from day to evening in a flash.



What are your top three picks from 

I am in love with Simone Camille's  Vintage Textile Moon Bag, Genevieve Jones? Safety pin earrings (which I own!),  and Honorine Jewels? Bellsnake Ring!


What is the best shopping find you've ever made while traveling? 

I actually found, and I mean literally found, a Dior ring that I never take off.  It says ?oui?, and I found it in a hotel bathroom in Paris, and no one came to claim it.



What is your favorite market bazaar to shop at?  

I?ve found fantastic vintage costume jewelry at the once-a-month market at Piazza Santo Spirito in Florence.  I used to live on the Piazza, so it also brings back great memories.



What is one destination you've never been to that you're dying to visit? 

I have always wanted to visit India!



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