Product Obsession: Friendship Bracelets

Who can forget those long hot summer days making and trading bracelets in return for eternal friendship? The colorful and intricately woven bracelets are thankfully back in a very big...and chic way.



They first hit the scene back in the sizzling 70?s--their symbolism of friendship, unity and love were an obvious hit with hippies and quickly adopted by every young girl with access to cotton yarn and a clipboard. Now, from friend to foe, fashionistas to the famous (and even some men) can be spotted all around the world with wrists full of colorful yarn.


Rooted in Central American traditions, the bracelets were (and still often are) handmade and proudly given to a bosom buddy to wear at all times as a reminder of your friendship. There are also stories of people making wishes before putting them on and when the bracelet would eventually fall off the wish would come true.




Silvia Tcherassi, Gasia, Maru and Honorine Jewels are just a few of the designers who have turned our adolescent adornments into chic streetwear. Thanks to the addition of charms, rhinestones, beads and even precious stones (can you say, diamonds?) the bracelets are now adult-approved. But you can still find a fabulous range of price points.





Many updated versions have clips, clasps or adjustable bands for easy on-and-off maneuvering?so you don?t have to wait until they?re frayed and fall off or you decide to cut them off.


The beauty is in their effortless ability to look good with anything (expensive or costume jewels) and bring an instant shot of color (keyword of the season) to any ensemble. They look particularly smashing when layered with other friendship bracelets, gold or silver bangles, a great watch, a sparkly cuff and/or anything else you have lying around. More is more!


So, whether you buy them for yourself or others, friendship bracelets provide precious memories and lots of beauty. After all, that's what friends are for.


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