Mumbai City Secrets- Bombay Underground

The result of Mumbai?s creatives going underground for six years? Bombay Underground-- part bookstore and part lending library, newly started in a grungy garage with an eclectic range of novels, comic books, magazines and concert DVDs.

Six years ago, a collective of Mumbai?s creatives  ? writers, theater actors, photographers, tattoo artists, musicians ? went underground. During this time, they wrote and published their own works, traveled the world collecting rare books and magazines; worked with underprivileged communities; and tracked down Mumbai?s illegal booksellers who?d been wiped out from pavements and bought their stock.


The result: Bombay Underground-- part bookstore and part lending library newly started up in a grungy garage, with an eclectic range of novels, comic books, magazines and concert DVDs that ?will only keep expanding.?Here, the probability of finding a coffee table book on post-modern Japanese architecture is as high as finding that ubiquitous Marquez or Orwell bible. Other intriguing titles include Playground Jokes for Kids, A Book of Russian Stories, TheChe Handbookand independently published graphic novel, The Smile.


The magazine and newspaper racks are stacked with everything from The London Review of Books to Sight and Sound film magazine. Music fans can rent uncut versions of Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan DVDs.


If you?re visiting the city, Bombay Underground is a fun place to hang out post-6 pm and get a sense of Mumbai?s creative scene. The evening slot will soon be dedicated to book readings, film screenings, art exhibits and jam sessions.


Bombay Underground, garage no 5, Luisa Apartments, next to Domino?s, St. John Baptist Road, Bandra (W), call +91 9821209085 / +91 9833452170, prices start at USD 1.50, open daily from 11 am to 8.30 pm.


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