Mumbai: Inspirational City

Take advantage of Mumbai in December, and partake in cultural affairs, shopping excursions and dining at the newest restaurants and bars.

To Survive Street Shopping: A big chunk of Mumbai?s baubles can be unearthed from the city?s street shops and circuitous flea markets.  These, as you may have heard,are not for the faint-hearted.  That is why you should shop Mumbai in winter, when the city?s benign sun makes scouring the stalls of Colaba Causeway and antique Thieves Market stores far easier, a feat that is almost unthinkable during other seasons, even for a local shopper.


To Attend an India Wedding:During the winter, you can?t swing a garland of marigolds in Mumbaiwithout hitting a couple that?s about to be married. November to January is an auspicious season for the Indian wedding ?a colourfullychaotic celebration of song, dance, rituals and super indulgent food - that can be quite entertaining to an outsider. If you?re visiting friends in Mumbai, chances are, they?re invited to at least five, so tag along. You can also locate a tour operator that includes wedding visits in itineraries or more spontaneously, just dance along with a street marriage procession of groom on a horse surrounded by inebriated friends and family, a common sighting on Mumbai?s roads this time of the year.


To Go Beyond Cliches: India isn?t all elephants and snake charmers, and the best way to discover this is to visit Mumbai inDecember. All the new uber-cool bars and restaurants open pre-Christmas, and are buzzing with beautiful people and interesting talk. This December, visit Trilogy, Veda and Chez Vous.


To Run off to Goa and Jaipur: Escape Mumbai?s commotion for a weekend in Goa, where you can lie on sunny beaches, drink long island iced teas, meet a ton of tourists from back home and basically do nothing at all. There are also a bunch of new restaurants opening in Goa this season ? see Gaia and Mezcal.  For a slightly more productive getaway pick Jaipur, the Pink City that not just plays host to the prettiest shops, palaces and forts, but also the Jaipur Literature Fest that takes place very January from 21 to 25. 2011?s visiting luminaries include Orhan, Pamuk, Kiran Desai, Fatima Bhutto, Candace Bushnell and others. Something to read and write home about!


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