10 Reasons to to be an Eco Gypsy in 2016

The Eco Gypsy is a lifestyle and an ethos evolved around a new generation of environmental awareness yet a love of travel and eco luxury. Our ethical beachwear range was designed for the free spirited and conscious woman.

Our Founder Electra tells us why now is the time to be an Eco Gypsy……

1) Discovering 'New' Places

We are in the era of cheap airfares, social media and travel opening up to more and more people, that is an amazing thing, but it seems nowhere is hidden anymore. Everywhere I seem to be have been going for decades, like Chefchaouen, Morocco is now Instagrammed thousands of times a day. We bring you the classic hippie trail destinations but also the hidden places of natural beauty off the well-beaten track, as well as the hidden gems in more popular destinations.

2) Far from the Maddening Crowd

Most eco destinations are in their own private islands or reserves or UNESCO protected. This means that these places are already protecting the wildlife, local communities, tribes and ecosystems so by travelling there you are supporting the preservation of these areas, not adding to their degradation both environmentally and socially.

3) Future Generations

New destinations are opening up constantly. I was recently in Myanmar (Burma) and you can see it is on the verge of booming tourism wise. As a traveller it is important to create the demand for ecotourism by supporting the demand for sustainable eco based tourism to encourage governments to develop in this way. This has happened in Bhutan. This means hopefully your children & grandchildren will see it much the same way you did.

4) It is More Rewarding

You can see that your money is going to a worthy cause or actually volunteer your time. Our Eco Escapes generally give a percentage of the stay to help support local projects, run community and conservation projects, have a foundation or another way you can support the people and environment you are holidaying in.

5) Silence is Golden

Our Eco Escapes are usually chosen not only for their eco credentials and care for the environment but also their remoteness from the everyday noise and pollution that we encounter. Be it the top of the mountain or a tropical beach, we choose places that drown out the noise and absolutely rebalance you so your travels take you away mentally as well as physically.

6) Who made your beachwear?

The Eco Gypsy swimwear is handmade as is the majority of the beachwear and accessories. More importantly we have a relationship with everyone who makes our swimwear and beachwear. We know each person individually who produces our range and have built up a relationship that means each piece of The Eco Gypsy you wear is made with trust and care.

7) Beachwear for Livelihoods

One of the most important things about our ethical beachwear range is that it is produced paying a Fair Wage. This means that the people who make your pieces are not earning a minimum wage, but a living wage that falls in line with the cost of living and inflation with a continuous commitment. After living in Bali for ten years we have formed relationships and a lifelong responsibility to care for the people who create The Eco Gypsy with us and their families.

8) Be the Change

By choosing an eco travel destination from our features or a piece from our beachwear brand a demand is created for sustainable, fair wage and ethical travel choices. In fashion mass produced clothing usually carries a heavy burden on the people who create it. Forced labour makes up for the highest percentage of human trafficking today and the garment industry is one of the largest perpetrators, especially regarding children. Choose to travel and shop responsibly.

9) Don't Be the Last to See the World this Way

The rate of poaching in the world, devastation of species, pollution of ecosystems and biospheres and mass land devastation often makes me wonder what will be left for my daughter Talitha, and future generations to see. I was lucky to come from a multicultural background so holidays away from British boarding school were filled with safaris in the Tsavo, diving on deserted islands of the Maldives or travelling through South East Asia or simply just hopping on a plane to go to Morocco or Portugal to explore somewhere new for a few days. I live like that today.

The main memories though are always of clean environments, now I see plastic everywhere. I remember villages not cleared for damns or supermarkets and a genuine interest in the culture of a place from other travellers. Not just travelling for a cheap beer. I want my daughter to see elephants in the wild. I may not be able to by the time she is 20. That saddens me more than anything.

10) Travel Local & Independent for the Future

All of our featured Eco Escapes, if they are not locally owned, run a host of initiatives to support the environment, traditions, the local economy and educational needs of the indigenous tribes or people of the area. Don’t travel to hotels that sap the profits to another multinational that does not regenerate any profits into the very land and people they are profiteering from.

Get out and discover the local markets, restaurants and backstreets by yourself. Try everything, if you love something buy it and most of all smile and speak to all the people from that place who speak to you – you may never pass that way again – so take every sight and smell with you.


Courtesy of The Eco Gypsy, ecogypsy.net




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