What I Am Gifting

In my world, summer rivals Christmas as the busiest time of year for gift giving. Not only are all of my close buddies celebrating birthdays, I am also a frequent house guest at my friends' homes by the sea. Throughout the year when I travel, I am always on the lookout for special treasures that will make great gifts. I have given presents as unique as bone scarabs from Egypt and camel tassels from Jaipur India. The most exotic gift I have ever received was a clump of hair from a lions mane (and no, the lion was not dead, it was very alive and had just had its’ hair brushed.) Take a look at what I am gifting this year, hopefully it will provide some inspiration to treat yourself or your friends to something unexpected.

For a hostess, why not try one of the following items; all priced around $50 and are sure to be welcome additions to any  home.



A set of 6 Moroccan tea glasses that can be used for wine, water, or tea


A nature-inspired tabletop design piece from American Artist Gogo Ferguson


I am also gifting sets of 4 brass tumblers from Goodearth and Hammam bathrobes from Turkey. These are so useful for guestrooms and serving my favorite summertime cocktails. Best of all, they would be out of my price range if they were not on sale.


I've also had great success with combination gifts. Why not try slipping a bar of Alila Hotels' soap from Singapore inside a neon sweetgrass-woven basket from Rwanda. I also like to take Hammam towels from Istanbul with Alila Hotels' ginger lemon lip balm and cocoa body butter to tuck inside a Moroccan basket.




Of course our sale makes it a great time to splurge on gifts for yourself or your friends. This  is when I stock up on Cartouche glasses from Goodearth or buy myself the silk tablecloth or tapestry I have been coveting from Indian designer Anupamaa.



For birthdays, I like to gift something personal and unique. I am loving all the new items we have from Mexico and think the jute necklaces from Caralarga and Otomi pouches from Boutique Mexico will make great presents. I also love the world pendants we just got in from Christina Ramella. I am actually coveting one of those as a gift for my own birthday, so I hope one of my friends is reading this post!




by: Kym Canter, Shop Latitude Creative Director




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