Behind the Label: Jaline

Jacqueline Lopez’s breezy beachwear label Jaline is everything you want for a fuss-free vacation—relaxed silhouettes, playful details like fringe and tassels, and lightweight fabrics. No wonder her label is a favorite with A-listers like Priyanka Chopra. Her tunics, caftans and separates range from solid neutrals to bright prints, and the best part is they’re all handcrafted by women artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico. Shop Latitude chats with the founder about the line, inspired by her time spent living in Mexico City.

(Jaline Karime Macrame Fringe Top shown above)

Jacqueline Lopez, founder of Jaline

Q: What is the story behind the Jaline label? How did it come about?

A: Jaline is a women’s resortwear collection featuring exclusive prints inspired by my extensive vintage collection and handwoven textiles from Oaxaca. It is a combination of both worlds I admire—vintage and handmade. During the years I lived in Mexico City, I traveled throughout the beautiful country and was inspired by the artisanal workmanship in Oaxaca. 

(Jaline Lidia Striped Top & Karine Macrame Frige Top shown above)

My background has always been in fashion—I’ve worked for MaxMara, Agnona and Faconnable in sales, visual merchandising and global merchandising.  The years of experience offered me the skill set to start my own business. As a vintage lover I appreciate uniqueness and this is what I design for my brand—something you won't find everywhere.

(Jaline Rainbow Annie Backless Dress shown above)

Q: How would you sum up the Jaline aesthetic?

A: Jaline is about easy, feminine silhouettes that you can wear to the beach, and that easily transition from day to evening; it is not intimidating and feels good to wear. Tassels and fringe add a little playfulness to the silhouettes; I have always loved them and try to incorporate new details every season. 

(Jaline Paola Macrame Dress, Karine Macrame Frige TopJane Macrame Fringe Skirt shown above)

Q: Tell us more about the artisans you work with in Oaxaca.

A: The handwoven textiles are all made in Oaxaca on an upright pedal loom, a process that is eco-friendly and creates authentic one-of-a-kind textiles. I am committed to empowering the women behind the making. My prints are exclusively designed and printed on 100% silk from Europe, and each pattern is cut and sewn by one of the seamstresses who work for me.


Each piece has a name and story so you can see exactly who made it and take a journey through its production. The textiles are sent to me in New York where they’re cut and sewn. I don't have a factory and I like knowing who made each piece. The slow fashion is part of the finished garment.

Q: What do you love most about designing for Jaline?

A: Designing Jaline allows me to dream, and my dreams become my creations. In my dream I live by the beach where you are surrounded by magic!

Watch The Making of Jaline Fisherman Capsule from Jaline on Vimeo.




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