Insider's Guide: Costa Careyes

Designer Sara Beltran of jewelry and accessories label Dezso recently returned home from a trip like no other—at the private estate resort of Costa Careyes off the Pacific coast of Mexico. Rather than hotels, this family-owned exclusive beach resort is comprised of a mix of bungalows, villas and homes, all of which offer ultimate privacy and luxury. Shop Latitude chats with Sara to find out more.

What was the highlight of your trip to Careyes?

I got to relax and had really nice quality time with friends. Normally I travel for work as I cannot help it, but I feel I got to relax a lot in this trip. It’s easy when you have a great host like Morena Zabeni, who is not only a great host but has the most beautiful house and apartment that is available to rent as there are no hotels. She has exquisite taste and it’s super cozy. I stayed this time at her apartment. It’s called Coco Beach Casita as in Careyes all the houses go by names, which I think is super charming.

What makes it different from other places in Mexico you’ve visited?
It’s very secluded so it’s like being in a friend’s private island. It’s very relaxed, exclusive and understated.

Favorite markets/bazaars/shops you discovered?

They have the best hats there and in the next town, Barra de Navidad, and they have amazing shells stores so obviously not only did I collect in Careyes some of the best handpicked shells, but also got to buy some beautiful navy blue polished abalone shells. 

Your favorite bars and restaurants? Favorite food you ate there?
One of the best lunch meals I had was at Playa Rosada Costa Chamela, it's a 30-minute boat ride from Costa Careyes and so beautiful and charming. We had a private lunch at beachfront table, just five of us—grilled octopus, sautéed hibiscus flowers, insane fish tacos on handmade corn tortillas, and the best hibiscus margarita, to list just a few things. Maria, who runs the place, is like a magician… she makes everything a perfect experience. I also love Playa Rosa; it’s the main local restaurant where people normally go and hang out. I love the aguachiles and the guacamole—so good!

Anything about the crafts and traditions of Careyes you learned while there? 
I got a cute poncho, they are a signature of Careyes. You’re meant to buy them according to your animal in the Chinese calendar otherwise it’s considered by Gianfranco Brignone, the founder of Careyes, as bad luck.

What were some of your favorite activities to do while there? 
Just relax and handpick shells. It’s a very easygoing place and forces you to relax.

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