My Top 6 for 2016

Every January I make a list of goals for the coming year. Yes it takes courage and some vulnerability, but it’s also a fun way to prioritize the people, places and things that are important to me. I try to make everything on my list some what achievable (no curing world peace here) and also pleasant,my list is less about dreaded resolutions and more of a fashionable travelogue.

1. I plan to immediately order a long dress and peasant blouse from Shop Latitude Ukrainian designer Embroidered Gem. These authentic pieces take about 5 weeks to make and are sure to become the must-have of the new season!

2. I can’t wait to visit Thanks Nature Lamb Cafe in Seoul Korea. Could anything actually be better than sipping an iced chai latte while petting a baby lamb? ADDRESS B121, Seoul, South Korea 121-842

3. I plan to force myself to work-out a sufficient amount each week so when summer finally arrives I will look great in a black crochet bikini from Daniela Bustos Maya or The Eco-Gypsy!

4. I am going to try to take at least one non-work related vacation this year, the top destination on my list is Antarctica. I am definitely going to check in with @chufy before jetting off, she has been posting the most amazing images on Instagram of her trip!

5. I plan to make 2016 the year of sharing by filing our Instagram feed @shoplatitude with the world’s best #globalswag. If you think you can handle a bad case of insta-envy, follow us @shoplatitude and tag your favorite finds with #globalswag.

6. Figure out how to shop at least one of the world’s most illusive bazaars- the places I have been dying to visit for years like the Grand Bazaar in Tehran!

Written by: Kym Canter, Shop Latitude Creative Director




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