Shopping in Srinagar

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Images of Kashmir are exotic, beautiful and startling. This is a place known for exotic spices, exquisite textiles, and superb handicrafts. Kashmir offers some of the best shopping available anywhere in India for carpets, pashmina, and papier mâché. We polled all our globetrotting friends to come up with this must shop list for Srinagar.
Suffering Moses: Owner Mohammad Sadiq Wani’s ancestors were among the original Persian artisans who came here with Shah-e-Hamdan. The papier-mâché masterpieces available here are unparalleled works of art. You’ll also find wooden carvings, furniture, needlepoint tapestry cushion covers, and more. Behind the main showroom is his other shop, Sadiq’s Handicrafts, which has one of a kind treasures for collectors, such as Persian carpets and rare pashmina shawls. (+91-9796744744)
Aziz Ahmad Kozgar: This ancient store near the Shah-e-Hamdan mosque in the old city is run by Unanis whose ancestors were Central Asian medicinal practitioners. Manually distilled rose water is stored in decanters and is incredibly refreshing on a hot day.  
Ahdoos Bakery: This delightful bakery sells all the famous Kashmiri breads like baqarkhani and sheermal. Don’t miss the many walnut treats, biscuits, tarts and cakes. Delicious! (+91-9419424692)
Amin-Bin-Khaliq: Kashmir has long been famous for its dry fruit; and this store is known for its high quality and endless assortment. From smoked almonds, walnuts and saffron to dried cranberries, dates and prunes, the array of produce here is endless. Another popular purchase (and proprietor Noor-ul-Amin’s personal recommendation) is the Masala Tikki, a blend of spices to be added to meat dishes for unbeatable flavor. (+91-9906598692)
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Asia Crafts: If you’re looking for a rug, carpet or wall hanging, this is the place. Owner Afzal Abdulla employs the finest craftspeople for carpet weaving and needlepoint tapestry. The store also sells bright jackets and exquisitely detailed furniture carved out of walnut wood. (+91-9419011755)
Historic Zainakadal Market: An authentic wholesale trading market for copperware, spices and tilla tailors (embroidery on fabric). This market is the real deal!
Andraab: Known for the exceptional quality of their pashmina pieces that are all woven and embroidered by hand. Andraab’s clientele includes celebrities such as Richard Gere, Judi Dench, and too many top socialites to mention. This is the place to go for authentic high quality scarves or shawls. Luckily, we carry a selection of Andraab’s fine products. If  you are not planning a trip to Kashmir but still want to wrap yourself in authentic cashmere for Kashmir shop our selection of Andraab  scarves and shawls.
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