Boho Breaks: Milan

Milan Fashion week begins today, and we know you will be hopping from show to party to hotel to restaurant. We perused the city for a hit-list of caf?s, boutiques and bonafide hot-spots that will help the inner gypsy in you find a true moment of zen.

Milan Fashion week begins today, and we know you will be hopping from show to party to hotel to restaurant. We perused the city for a hit-list of caf?s, boutiques and bonafide hot-spots that will help the inner gypsy in you find a true moment of zen.


Milan Fashion Week Boho Breaks Guide



Step into the Pellini Bijoux boutique on the Via Manzoni and you will find a virtual treasure trove of the most unique, hand crafted jewels in Milan. Like entering another world, Pellini?s vision since it?s inception in 1947 has not strayed far from the original concept now headed by Donatella Pellini since the 80?s. Designs based on hand-made resins become transformed with their signature pigments, painting, and inclusion of printed paper, photographs, stones and fabric turning each highly covetable piece into a collage of color, texture and mood. Charming antique cabinets and paintings are surrounded by richly painted walls washed in muddy colors giving the atmosphere an old world, sophisticated undercurrent to the rich- bohemian spirit of the shop. Not to be missed. 


Pellini Milano

Address: Via Manzoni, 20

Phone: +39 02 760008084









10 Corso Como & Hotel 3 Rooms

Since 1990, Carla Sozzani?s hideaway heaven for shoppers and world-weary travelers feels like an open-air den of iniquities for a sophisticated, laid back clientele. This converted garage is situated precisely at 10 Corso Como and through a casual garden caf?, the boutique houses some of the best designers and goodies the fashion and design worlds have to offer. The modern-Italian design of the boutique is offset with the tribal interior artwork of sculptor Kris Ruhs. Upstairs, you will find well-curated art and photography galleries, and further up, a bookstore that offers tome after tome on fashion, design, art and relevant popular culture. Sozzani?s philosophy of mixing different cultures, fashion, art, and lifestyle while incorporating her unique concept of ?slow shopping? promotes an inherently individual way of shopping, consuming, and living. Sozzani?s deep bohemian undercurrent makes its way through the entire experience of shopping the boutique, eating in any of the three indoor/outdoor restaurants, and staying at the Hotel 3 Rooms which features three unique suites decorated in Sozzani?s signature mix of mid-century design and global art.


10 Corso Como & Hotel 3 Rooms

Address: 10 Corso Como

Phone: +39 02 29002674

39 02 626163 ? Hotel 3 Rooms

Hours: Open everyday from 10:30 am to 7:30 pm, Wednesday and Thursday from 10:30 am to 9:00 pm








Ristorante Pane E Acqua At Spazio Rossana Orlandi 

Chef Francesco Passalacqua?s rustic looking restaurant is filled with charmingly mismatched tables and chairs, fresh flowers set in watering cans and many artful pieces of vintage ephemera. Of course his chic clientele may come for the easy, quirky atmosphere, and perhaps after a spin around Spazio Rossana Orlandi, the fascinating concept design shop that houses the restaurant, but they most definitely come for the food. More than just ?bread and water? as the name suggests, the light, healthy Mediterranean menu features clever seafood soups and dishes, hand made pastas with hints of candied ginger and figs and beautiful dessert plates that feature petit portions of tasty sweet treats. Each meal ends with coffee, grappa, and their signature amaretti biscuits that melt in your mouth, leaving you satisfied and longing for your next visit.


Ristorante Pane e Acqua

Address: Via Mattteo Bandello, 14

Phone: +39 02 48198622





Memory Lane Vintage

Francesca Semeria?s chic, archival vintage boutique is an elegant, refined salon of vintage clothing and accessories dedicated to collectors and professionals seeking the highest quality vintage. The collection features pieces dating back to the late 1800?s through the 1950?s and includes an exceptional range of Art Deco furniture that is also available for purchase. Semeria?s highly curated selection of vintage is based on the premise that what we wear historically makes specific sociological statements. Communication through fashion informs her selection and display. Her chic assortment of ladylike dresses, purses, hats, and shoes speaks volumes about her ideal of personal presentation, showing our best selves to the world. Memory Lane Vintage caters to a sophisticated clientele in search of exquisite, special pieces. 


Memory Lane Vintage

Address: Via Galeazzo Alessi, 8 20123

Phone: 39 349 6108988

Hours: Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm and 3:00 am to 8:00 pm




When in Milan, try an Italian designer or feed off of some Latin spirit, when you wrap up your look a la Frida in a richly colored ethnic shawl like one of Maggie Galton?s handmade Mexican Rebozo Scarves.






Osanna Visconti

Main image: Oval Chain Necklace, top left: Medievali Earrings, bottom left: Midolino Cuff 


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