Behind the Label: Sofia Capri

For ages we have been looking for an authentic artisan brand making sandals in Capri. When we discovered Sofia Capri we were thrilled by their attention to detail, fine-tuned craft and contemporary take on this classic style. Read on to learn the whole story behind this brand and then order your own made-to-measure pair of sandals.

How would you describe your brand?

Part of the reason we founded Sofia Capri was to protect and promote a unique artisanal craft which is reflective of the true ‘Made in Italy’ that is famous the world over. Each single one of our sandals is created by a family that was born, has lived and carried on the sandal-making trade for three generations. All of our sandals are custom-made to order and everything from the craft itself to the raw materials and leathers used are sourced entirely in Italy.

How, when, and where did you start your brand?

Luxury footwear brand, Sofia Capri, was born out of a chance encounter during a brief sojourn on the isle of Capri, which we visited together several summers ago. At the time we were colleagues working out of each other’s pockets in Vivienne Westwood’s Paris (Silvana) and Milan (Rossella) offices. Setting up and creating a brand together was a natural progression from this initial working relationship and after our first Capri adventure together, things simply fell into place in early 2014.

What (or who) are some of your endless inspirations?

The isle of Capri is so rich in colors, textures and shapes – whether it be the dazzling hand-painted ceramic tiles which adorn both private and public spaces or the intense blues of the Mediterranean that surrounds it – that inspiration is never far from reach.

How does travel inspire your collection?

Although our sandals represent the soul of Capri, our travels across the globe feed our creative inspiration just as much. In fact, our latest capsule collection draws upon the exotic colors and lines of the Berber spirit as we have teamed up with niche jewelry designer TAMARZIZT.

As your collection continues to grow, what creative endeavors are on the horizon?

Each year in the creation of our capsule collection, we collaborate with emerging, individual brands that embody the same values as our own – authenticity, local and quality. This year we are casting our eye to the Middle East as we scout niche designers that marry tradition with innovation.

Souk or department store?

Both are sources of unique finds and treasure troves for retail experiences in themselves.

DIY or concierge service?

We’re both very grounded individuals. so DIY is definitely on the cards, although concierge service is always fun to splurge on once in a while.

Buy everything or buy nothing?

Actually we prefer buy less and choose well – as designer Vivienne Westwood would say.

Camping or 5-star hotel?

Although we do love our 5-star hotels, we are huge fans of hospitality experiences with an authentic, personal touch too.

Drive or be driven?

We both love driving, so drive all the way!

Room service or street food?

Street food is one of the best ways to tap into the local culture and spirit of a country, but after a long day of explorations and adventures, it is always marvelous to end it with room service!

Lots of luggage or carry-on bag?

Rossella is all about carry-on bags while Silvana is more on lots of luggage, so we complement each other!


by: The Shop Latitude Team



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