White Horn and Bone Ring


From Africa

Simple and beautiful, this ring was handcrafted by The Victorious Bone Craft Group in the Kibera Village of Kenya. Founded in 2006, their mission was multi-faceted: to provide work for the young people of Kibera to clean up the accumulating and dangerous waste produced by the local slaughterhouses and to curb the foreign appetite for ivory. The result is nothing short of incredible. Today, Bone Craft provides work for more than 40 Kibera villagers and produces astonishingly beautiful jewelry from the bones left in heaps around Kibera.

PLUME accessories combine traditional craft skills with modern design, providing empowerment and equality to women globally, and the belief that nothing is more cherished in a home or fashion collection than truly unique, handmade products of the highest quality. PLUME designer and founder, Kate Collins,focuses on the essentials of women's wardrobes and lifestyle, melding traditional decorative hand craftsmanship with a contemporary vision to make each product one-of-a-kind. Given the handmade detail of every piece,PLUME's products are produced in highly limited quantities on a seasonal basis.

Size 6: 0.65"
Size 7: 0.68"

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