Orange Otomi Pillows - Set of 2


From Mexico

Mexican Otomi Hand-woven Pillow. This kind of work is made mainly in San Pablito, Puebla and in a small town called Tenango de Doria, in the state of Hidalgo, Mexico. It can be used as a Pillow or as a sofá cushion.
Technique: Hand woven cloth with hand-dyed cotton embroidery. They are consistent in their design drawings of chickens, rabbits, horses or dogs combined with frets that much resemble poinsettia petals but bright colors: yellow, red, green and blue. Its whimsical pattern depicts animals and flowers embroidered in an Orange color.

  • Orange
  • 16" x 13"
  • Unbleached Muslin Fabric & Hand-dyed cotton
  • Embroidery hand-washed
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