Light Brown Irga Cuff


From United Kingdom

‘Irga’ takes its name from the Irga building, designed by and Italian architect in 1930s Asmara, Eritrea – the Italian “design laboratory” of Africa. This design takes its name from the Nuba tribe of East Africa and is inspired by the African Period in 1920s Paris. Fouché London logo laser-inscribed on the interior hinge.

  • Light brown & Gold
  • Hand crafted from jacaranda wood and light Ankole cow horn
  • Finished in 18kt gold plated brass
  • The Intricate pin-clasp is set with a choice of natural 0.2-carat Fire Opal, Ruby or Emerald sourced from conflict-free mines in Africa
  • Small: 6.8" Circumference, 2.75" H
    Medium: 7" Circumference, 2.75" H
    Large: 7.5" Circumference, 2.75" H
  • Made-to-Order
  • Customizable

This item ships from United Kingdom and is ready to ship within 4 to 6 weeks from order date.

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