Calligraphy on Mexican Clutch Me Clutch

Sarah's Bag

From Lebanon

Inspired by Middle Eastern pop culture and retro glamour, Lebanon-born founder Sarah Beydoun of Sarah's Bag is revolutionizing the fashion and art industry in her native country with pieces like this. Each piece is crafted by Lebanese prisoners, ex-prisoners and other women at risk as a way to help empower them in their communities.

A wildly colourful twist on a Sarah’s Bag evening classic from the Oriental collection, this clutch features a quote from a song sung by the greatest icon of the Arab world, Egyptian diva Um Kalthoum, "A day without you does not count as a day in my life”. This passionate verse is rendered in flowing Arabic calligraphy that is meticulously handbeaded in bright yellow beads on one side and deep crimson on the other.

  • 14.2"W x 8.7"H x 2.4" Depth
  • Clasp: brass


This item ships from Lebanon and is ready to ship within 15 to 20 business days from order date.

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