Brass Adventure Bracelet


From Kenya

Redefining the aesthetics of ethical fashion, SOKO creations are inspired by architecture and traditional tribal designs, yet made to appeal to the urban woman. SOKO artisans use locally sourced and eco-friendly materials, such as recycled brass and reclaimed cow horn and bone.


Soko and The Adventure Project (TAP) are partnering on a jewelry piece that will benefit TAP’s hunger program supporting rural farmers in Kenya with irrigation pumps and training. Handmade by Soko artisans in Kenya, the Adventure Bracelet pairs a smooth brass cuff with a delicate chain. The adjustable cuff is hand stamped with the word “ADVENTURE,” to inspire and remind the wearer of their role in empowering global entrepreneurs. The term Adventure was inspired by TAP's mission: to "add venture" capital to help local organizations scale and thrive. Produced exclusively for the Soko x TAP collaboration, each bracelet has dual impact - income and job creation for Soko's artisan community, and support for rural farmers in TAP’s hunger program. Soko will donate $10 from every purchase directly to TAP's hunger program.

The Adventure Project (TAP) is an innovative non-profit movement dedicated to lifting people in developing countries out of poverty by creating transformative jobs. TAP fills a critical role in alleviating poverty by leveraging the power of a grassroots movement toward smart, cost-effective solutions that empower the poor to become profitable entrepreneurs, so they can serve their own communities with improved health, decreased hunger, a safer environment and clean water. The Adventure Project "adds venture" capital to help local organizations scale and thrive. In only five years, The Adventure Project has created over 900 jobs in Haiti, India, Kenya and Uganda for entrepreneurs who now serve over one million people per day with life-saving services in their communities.


  • Internal Diameter: 56 mm
  • Opening: 27 mm
  • Width: 4 mm
  • Thickness: 2 mm
  • Materials: Brass, gold plated Chain
  • Size: Adjustable
  • Handcrafted in brass by artisans in Kenya. 
  • Your purchase promotes artisan innovation + entrepreneurship


Since brass is a natural alloy it will gradually patina over time with exposure to oxygen and moisture. If you prefer a bright sheen, this effect can be achieved with a quick polish. All of our pieces can be polished with a brass cleaner (we use Brasso) and a soft cloth or paper towel. To clean using ingredients you may already have at home, mix lemon juice and baking soda into a paste, rub onto surface with a cloth, then rinse off and buff dry to a shine. To care for your horn jewelry, avoid exposure to excessive moisture or sunlight. Wipe clean with a soft cloth.


This product ships from the United States and is ready to ship within 10 to 12 business days of purchase date.


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