Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech: A Tale of the Bazaar Bohemian

The best part of my job as the Peacock Pavilions hotelier, are the people I meet.  Peacock Pavilions tends to draw a certain kind of crowd:  people interested in design, wellness and culture.  People I would love to know and be lucky enough to call my friends.  

Recently, I spent time with Vanessa Wright of the Bazaar • {Bohemian} • at my place. When she checked in, I knew right away that she was like no one else.

As soon as she meets you, Vanessa hugs you.  She is nearly six feet tall (without the turban) and so I can tell you that that hug is singular.  Her message is direct and sincere and it's uniquely positive -- she doesn't .

A professional stylist, Vanessa has her own distinct style, a fantastic blend of ethnic cultures that she blends together in her own inimitable way.  It's no wonder her followers consist of Creatives of all backgrounds, ages and ethnicities. 

She came to Peacock Pavilions with her adorable person and partner, Has.  Has is 6 foot 6 inches tall, a gentle giant.

They spent time at Project Soar.  Vanessa taught the girls {literally} how to roar.  She suspects that they are all lionesses in the making, if the world would just give them a chance.

After talking about our plans and dreams and the importance of the short deadline, Vanessa left.  But not before she tied a turban on my head

If you are curious about Vanessa (and you should be) join her Project • {Tribe} • The mission of Project • {Tribe} • is to provide a vehicle for women around the world to spread their inspiring stories and cultivate their uniqueness. It's a community and support network of women from diverse backgrounds that encourages and inspires one another to do what they love. And don't we all need to do just that?

Check out Bazaar •{Bohemian}• here. Article courtesy of Maryam Montague.




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