City Secrets | Punta del Este, Uruguay

Our youngest and most adventurous team member Alyssa Demartino, shares her recent vacation to Uruguay. Read more about this beautiful party spot.

Our youngest and most adventurous team member Alyssa Demartino, shares her recent vacation to Uruguay. Read more about this beautiful party spot. 



Referred to as ?The Hamptons of South America,? Punta del Este, Uruguay is the popular weekend getaway for luxury travelers from Montevideo to S?o Paolo.  Located on the southeastern tip of its country?s coastline, this vibrant beach city is a refreshing destination for sun, surf and sangria. 



I recently visited Punta del Este for the first time a few months ago with three of my good friends from New York. My first impression of this amazing city was not only how rich it was in culture and beauty but also how chic the Latin American women are.


After passing by huge beachfront mansions and crossing the stomach dropping Sophia Lauren Bridge we arrived at our hotel in La Barra. This popular area of Punta del Este is known for its mile long strip of restaurants, shops, and outdoor bars; where people-watching and Ferrari sightings are an easy way to pass time.  It is no doubt that the bikini is the most common wardrobe staple for pedestrians here and a gelato from Freddo is the perfect accessory.


The beaches of Punta del Este are as exciting as the Uruguayan community. Playa Montoya is where you will find all of the surfers and the local summer crowd.  Just minutes away from Playa Montoya are amazing shops that sell everything from local jewelry to Balmain jackets. I found this beautiful purple kaftan from a small boutique in La Barra that I bring on all of my summer vacations now. 


The parties kicked off around noon each day at Bikini Beach; with guest DJs spinning Latin beats, cabana service and plenty of champagne. We also had some of the best seafood in town at the beach side restaurant, just steps from the ocean.


It didn?t take long before we adjusted to the cultural time clock in Punta del Este.  Since Uruguay?s sun does not set until later in the evening people don?t usually leave the beaches until 8pm. Restaurants don?t start taking reservations until 11pm at the earliest and nightclubs and bars don?t open their doors until 2am or 3am.  There is no shortage of restaurants and nightlife in Punta del Este.  Lo de Charlie is among the top seafood restaurants in the city, located near the main ports and remains a packed house every night of the week. Ocean Club and Tequila is where you?ll find the international jet setters and the fashion elite partying until 8am.  Even after the clubs closed we weren?t the only ones who still found time to visit the famous La Mano statue on Brava beach for a quick photo.


Here are some of L-atitude top picks of what to where in Uruguay. 

Clockwise- Pearl.Love, Aman Lamu, Adele Dejak, Adele Dejak, Dezso by Sara Beltran, Deepa Gurnani, Dezso by Sara Beltran and Gypset


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