India Hick's Harbour Island

Globetrotter and Designer India Hicks shares her secrets on living like a "local" in Harbor Island, Bahamas.


Globetrotter and Designer India Hicks shares her secrets on living like a "local" in Harbor Island, Bahamas.




Wander into 'town' for a traditional breakfast at THE DUNMORE DELI where you cold also get a local Kalik Beer if you needed it after a late night dancing at DADDY D'S. Or go to SYBALS BAKERY for local Bahamian breakfast of grits and stewed fish. Sunday Brunch could be at THE LANDING where they serve ricotta pancakes and fresh baked coconut bread. However if you are feeling brave AVERY'S offers the local dish of 'souse' in all of these delightful flavors: chicken feet, pig feet, chicken, sheep tongue.




Walk off the beer and breakfast by heading up GUSTIE'S HILL at the top of which you will come across THE SAND DOLLAR SHOP. Here you can find many locally made treasures including little bottles of pink sand which you might want to take home to prove that is really does exist.



After a morning lying on the pink sand beach you will want to wander into SIP SIP for lunch (Sip Sip Is the local word for gossip) and at SIP SIP you will hear all the gossip, local and otherwise and see anyone who's anyone I recommend a Gombay Smash and the Lobster Quesada.
One after noon you should take the time to do something fishy. You can RENT A BOAT FROM DUKE snorkel for sand dollars and sea biscuits and then head down to Bottom Harbour to watch the turtles darting about and keep a look out for the family of Dolphins who live here.



You could also take a TRIP WITH CAPTAIN BOB who lives on the neighboring island of Currant. He will take you out on his boat to go diving for conch or spear fishing whilst introducing you to a few friendly shark.


Or for a little more adventure go scuba diving with VALENTINES DIVE CENTER. You can do a resort course in the morning and be 30 foot beneath the surface by the afternoon. For a late afternoon snack head down to the PLP dock, watch the fisherman bring in the day's catch, witness an aggressive game of Domino's, considered a national sport in the Bahamas, on your way to THE QUEEN CONCH shack next door. Here local conch salad is made, the conch is pulled from it's shell, chopped and mixed with the juice of limes and sour orange and local tomatoes, onions and green peppers. Beware, ask for tourist strength, anything else might blow your bikini off. If you are feeling adventurous ask for the conch's pistols, local men say "it puts lead in your pencil.




Meander down the bay past the LOYALIST COTTAGE built in 1800 to THE SUGAR MILL, my store. An eclectic mix of treasures found from my travels round the world, everything from $1,000 embellished evening kaftan to a child's bucket and spade. It also is the flag ship store for India Hicks fine Jewelry.


You will of course want to wear your newly purchased kaftan when you head off to the recently renovated DUNMORE BEACH CLUB for dinner, on the terrace, under the stars, over looking the ocean.
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