L-atitude's Favorite Swedish Designers

We scoured the fashion scene in Stockholm and fell in love with these designers. Integrate a dose of Swedish street style into your wardrobe this summer!

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

Astrid Olsson and Lee Cotter are the duo behind the label
Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair which was introduced in 2004. The label was named after an old shoemaker's shop in London as a way to pay tribute to the old-world craftsmanship which heavily influences the brands designs today. It?s easy to see the designer?s divergent strengths in the clothes. The style has a natural simplicity in designs and fabrics, allowing them to produce tailored clothing with innovative cuts and dramatic drape in a monochrome palette.



Lars Andersson

Lars Andersson?s first garment was completed at the age of six when he knit a sweater for his Monchichi monkey doll. Since then his love for knitting has grown and he has been designing and manufacturing his line of knitwear for the last six years. Powerfully influenced by Sweden and its dark, mysterious and haunting environment, he describes his design aesthetic as ?Dark Urban Hippie? and his collections consistently paint that picture.


Diana Orving

Diana Orving started by selling her garments at the age of fifteen and since then has worked her way up to launching her own collection in 2007. The method of creating directly on living bodies rather than on paper is vital to her design aesthetic. Inspired by art, dance, and movement, she offers a distinctive style characterized by layers, volume and draped fabrics. Garments are made with unique possible ways of wearing each piece, allowing each style to change silhouettes depending on who?s wearing it.



Minimarket is designed by Swedish sisters Sofie, Pernilla and Jennifer Elvestedt and launched in 2006. Their design philosophy is based on using opposites for perfect balance; proper vs. sensual, radiant colors vs. dark shades, feminine vs. masculine. The three sisters all vary widely in taste and style and it?s the inspiration in finding a unifying path in design that inspires them.



Elin Nystr?m is the designer and founder of the brand, with her first handmade collection debuting in 2001. The brands combination and contrast of a feminine soft image with an edgy and rock inspired image is what gives
Stylein its unique expression. Inspired by the energies of life, the Stylein vision is to bring out the inner beauty from the woman who wears its garments, allowing her to fully express her individual personality and femininity.





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