Globetrotter | Caroline Winberg

Becoming a top model at the age of sixteen ? after very nearly rising to be a professional football player in her native Sweden ? Caroline Winberg was gracing issues of Vogue and traveling to cities far and wide while many of us were still sitting in our high school math classes. The New York resident and Victoria?s Secret model sat down to shed some light on her travels and worldly experiences.

1)      How would you describe the style of women in Stockholm?


Swedish women are normally very fashionable and trendy at least from Stockholm where I am from. They don't wear a lot of colors more than the basic ones black, blue and grey.

2)      What are your favorite places to shop in Stockholm?

When I'm in Sweden I try to only buy clothes from Swedish and Scandinavian designers. My favorite store is the big Acne store on Norrmalmstorg. Other stores are Filippa K, Whyred and Rodebjer. You an also head to NK ( Nordiska Companiet ) which is a big department store in the center of Stockholm, they carry lots of Scandinavian designers but also have a lot of international ones. Try and stop by their gorgeous food market on the lower floor which has amazing food like smoked salmon and crayfish.

3)      What is the best fashion find you?ve had while shopping during your travels (Can you send us a photo)?

Right now my favorite pants are black leather pants from the Row that I basically live in.  They are great wearing during the day with converse as well as with high heels for parties.

4)      What three things ? besides the essentials ? do you always pack no matter where you go?

Converse, leather pants and a white t-shirt

5)      What are your 4 favorite L-atitude items (

Veda max silk and leather jacket
Thakoon ruffles side tank
Thakoon blouson dress (in white)
Gabriele Colangelo washed silk drape dress



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