Globetrotter: Carla Sersale

We asked Carla Sersale, the chicest Positano local we know, to share her favorite places to eat and drink in her adopted home town. Carla spends her summers in this amazing seaside town, managing and designing for Emporio Le Sirenuse, the stylish boutique at her family's stunning cliff-side hotel property, Le Sirenuse.

What do you love most about Positano? Can you share your top three favorite spots for eating and drinking?

Positano is a small, strange, vertical village, where you either climb or descend. The view is so spectacular, that once you have seen it, it will stay with you for your entire life. The sea is a very deep, intense blue that feels immense, mysterious and fascinating. In the middle of it are the Islands of Li Galli, that were once called Islands of the Sirens, hence the name of our hotel.

There is a shack not too distant from the main beach of Positano, called Da Adolfo, Positano. To reach it, you just climb on a boat with a red fish on the mast. The food is outstanding and the atmosphere is that of the 70s. Totally hippy (but really very chic). The waiters are always barefoot and sometimes bare chested. They run up and down the few steps to the kitchen to bring you the most delicious, simple, straightforward local food. I love this place. You can also rent a small (usually half broken) bed on the beach and swim and spend your day there. At 6 o’clock is the last boat back.

Via Laurito, 40, 84017 Positano, Italia

tel +39 089875022

At night, my favorite restaurant (well, a part from our La Sponda restaurant) is Next 2, a trendy bar/restaurant in a part of town called Fornillo, which is young, fun and truly delicious.

Next2 | Via Pasitea, 242 ~ Positano SA Italy P.iva 03998170652 | Tel +39 089 812 3516

La Sponda, Le Sirenuse Hotel

Via Cristoforo Colombo, 30, 84017 Positano SA, Italy

Phone:+39 089 875066

Finally, I need to mention our Champagne and Oyster Bar for drinks because it is by far the best place in town. We have a DJ playing life music btw 7 and 9 and people sit al fresco watching the village lights mix with the sea and the moon -it is a breathtaking place. Unique. Incredibly romantic.



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