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ALL L-atitude Gift Certificate ITEMS
l-atitude e-gift card
    1. Large Violet Bada Shanti Necklace
    2. Rose Gold Marilyn Bangle
    3. Tiger Stripe Bag
    4. Large Tejido Cuff
    5. Classic Panama Hat with Otavalo Band
    6. Yatayat Jam Coasters
    7. Madame Tassel Necklace
    8. Red Aztec Block Wrap
    9. Classic Black Jet Set Tote
    10. Carbon Striped Wool Blanket
    11. Hand Woven Beach Cover-up
    12. Moroccan Horn Lighter
    13. Raja Silk and Wool Scarf
    14. Bone Raffia necklace
    15. Diamond Patterned Redondo Pouf
    16. Rose Gold Gaia Bracelet
    17. Ro Kisi Bag Charm
    18. Red Coral Necklace
    19. Green Caetano Clutch
    20. Sariwuwu Mochila