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    1. Red Orange Gold Serpent Trim Small Clutch
    2. Twist Shell Inlay White Wood Ring
    3. Navy Byzantine Necklace
    4. Rose Gold 14k White Diamond Crescent Moon Ring
    5. Cotton Candy Pink Shehla Caftan
    6. Brass Thatched Choker
    7. Black Kimono Bouquet Print Petite Dumpling Bag
    8. Multi Nylon String Peridot Brass Necklace
    9. Beige Tex Straw Hat
    10. Black Zig Zag Cotton Silk Ikat Pillow
    11. Beige Cotton Stripe on White Turkish Peshtemal Towel
    12. Lapis Pharrah Wrap Bracelet
    13. Coral Double Stripe Beach Towel & Sarong
    14. Multi Straw Lola Natural Handle Stripe Tote
    15. White Silk Ansi Embroidery Racerback Dress
    16. Moto-Shawl Jacket by 3.1 Phillip Lim
    17. Charcoal Alicia Adams Alpaca Throw Blanket
    18. Cream Wool And Sequins Rania Wedding Blanket
    19. Maria Baylac Paper Wallet
    20. Multi Silk And Cotton Eye Ikat Pillow Cover