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    1. Red Butterfly Silk Scarf
    2. Silver Tone Kavango River Bracelet
    3. Sicilian Basket III
    4. Red & Green Elephant Bracelet
    5. Silver Spike Necklace
    6. Small Mysore Haathi Razai Cotton Blanket
    7. Felt Shade Hat
    8. Multi Colored Cotton Sintra Charm Necklace
    9. 14K Rose Gold Heroine Black Diamond Long Star Necklace
    10. Golden Brass Daisy Necklace
    11. Grey Stripe Cotton Cap Sleeve Dress
    12. Mysore Haathi Dohar Cotton Blanket
    13. Turquoise Silk Clutch
    14. Blue Cotton Tassel Dress
    15. Ruby Neverending Pave Bracelet
    16. Dark Green Silk Ivy T shirt
    17. Gold Plated Cord Cali-Rush Doublewrap Bracelet
    18. Black And Natural Worry Doll Ayampe Panama Hat
    19. Natural Wool Long Fringe Blanket
    20. Blue And Cream Cotton Striped Towel